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Published at 11th of September 2020 03:50:12 PM
Chapter 1090
Chapter 1090 The Critical Moment! But she just couldn’t get rid of it!At that critical moment, the tiger cub jumped out of Feng Wu’s chest pocket and rushed toward the dog .

Then, to Feng Wu’s surprise, the palm-sized cub smashed the dog on its head with one front paw, which reminded her of a boy master disciplining his servant .

That smack baffled the dog right away .

Moreover, the cub had also stuck something on the dog’s nose .

The dog tried to bite the cub after it came back to itself .

However, the cub showed its teeth at the dog and made a threatening sound!

The dog had been very intimidating, but the cub was more intimidating and powerful .

One had no idea what kind of heritage the cub had, but the dog was losing ground as one watched .

Feng Wu looked up to find Xuan Yi running in her direction .

An idea struck her all of a sudden .

Hence, she jumped onto the wall and landed on the other side . However, she then hid herself in the branches and jumped back in .

But Xuan Yi only saw Feng Wu jumping out and not coming back in . Therefore, when he got to the wall, he patted the dog on the head . “Go get her!”

The dog nodded, barked, then jumped over the wall .

By then, Feng Xun had finally regained his mobility and hurried over .

Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, and the dog jumped over the wall, then began to run down the wide street .

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Feng Xun smacked his own head in frustration as he ran . “How can I be so stupid? Why did I let my guard down? That girl is so cunning!”

Xuan Yi didn’t know what to say .

For he had been careless as well, thinking that nothing could go wrong after they got her back to Northern Feng Mansion . But they had underestimated the girl’s brain . She had escaped even in this situation .

They ran for a while before they realized that something was wrong, for the dog stood in the middle of the street and looked around in bewilderment . It looked exhausted .

Feng Xun was flustered when he saw the state the dog was in .

“Oh god! My dear dog, you can’t be ill now! I need you more than ever!” Taking the dog’s head in his hands, Feng Xun tried to cheer it up .

“You’re going to break its head . ” Xuan Yi couldn’t watch anymore, and pulled the dumbfounded dog away from Feng Xun .

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“What’s the matter with my dog…” Feng Xun was almost in tears .

The bug’s scent was only temporary, and after everything the girl had done, it was barely detectable . If something happened to the dog now… Oh god, Feng Xun wanted to slap himself .

Xuan Yi rubbed the dog’s nose . “It’s been drugged . ”

Feng Xun: !!!

Blue veins popped on the corner of his forehead and he looked like he was going to explode!

“That girl drugged me as well as the dog! How could she do that?! She… Ah –”

Feng Xun almost lost his mind .

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Xuan Yi was also at a loss as to what to do . That girl was impossible to catch .

He turned to Feng Xun . “The most important thing now is to fix the dog as soon as possible . That way, we may still have a chance of catching that ugly girl . Otherwise, we’ll lose her forever . ”

Feng Xun smacked her head . “You’re right . Let’s go –”

Xuan Yi asked, “Where to?”

Feng Xun said, “Go find little Feng Wu! Isn’t she a great doctor? I bet she can help my dog . Come . Let’s go to the Feng clan . ”

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