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Published at 10th of September 2020 03:35:13 PM
Chapter 1089: 1089
Chapter 1089 The Young Lord Likes Boys! Feng Xun looked shocked . She was right! Why didn’t he think of that just then?Those people had to be gossiping behind his back now, saying that he was into boys!

“So, you worry about what other people say about you, too . Do you want to take me back there and explain yourself?”

Feng Wu spoke quietly behind his back .

Feng Xun: !!!

He wondered where this annoying girl came from . Why could she set him off as soon as she opened her mouth? He was so mad!

Seeing that Feng Xun had really lost his temper, Feng Wu was pleased .

However, realizing that after he took her to Northern Feng Mansion, he would soon uncover her real identity… Feng Wu was conflicted again .

What was she supposed to do now?

Just then, the tiger cub, who had been staying in her ring space, stuck its head out of her sleeve, then jumped into her chest pocket .

As a beast that had signed a contract with Feng Wu, the cub could communicate with Feng Wu telepathically .

“What? You can…” Feng Wu cried out inwardly .

The cub nodded . “Yes!”

Feng Wu’s eyes darted around as she tried to figure out a way to escape .

Feng Xun desperately wanted to know the real identity of the ugly girl, so he rode as fast as he could .

Before long, they arrived at Northern Feng Mansion .

The guards outside saw that it was their young lord, and opened the gate wide to let him in .

Jumping off his horse, Feng Xun walked in with Feng Wu in one hand . He was going to go back to his No Mercy Yard —

As Feng Xun carried Feng Wu toward No Mercy Yard, Feng Wu was trying to figure out a way to escape .

Looking over her shoulder, she saw that because Feng Xun was walking very fast, the two of them were all alone here .

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No Mercy Yard was right ahead of them!

What happened was quicker than words could describe!

Stuffing some spicy powder into her mouth, Feng Wu bit Feng Xun’s wrist hard!


Feng Xun screamed in pain .

Involuntarily, he dropped Feng Wu .

Had this ugly girl gone nuts? She had bitten him!

As soon as Feng Xun let go of her, Feng Wu moved backward as nimbly as a loach!

Feng Xun yelled angrily, “Stop right there! Stop!”

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Feng Wu made a face at him . Like hell she was going to stop .

Feng Xun smirked . “Do you think you can run away like that? Stop!”

Feng Wu ignored him and ran even faster!

Feng Xun was about to run after Feng Wu, when he realized in surprise that he couldn’t move!

He looked down at his wrist!

Feng Wu’s teeth had left marks on him, and the wound was bleeding . A white liquid was also oozing out… What was that?

Feng Xun was terrified!

His head was spinning and he could see stars . He then swayed from side to side, feeling awful .

That stinky girl!

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“Feng Xun!”

Just then, Xuan Yi rushed in with his sword over his shoulder .

“What’s wrong?” Xuan Yi steadied Feng Xun .

He had thought that nothing would go wrong after they got the girl back to Northern Feng Mansion . How could something like this happen?

“Go get her! Go catch that ugly girl! I’m gonna kill her! Ahhhh —” Feng Xun took a deep breath . Luckily, the dizzy feeling gradually faded and was almost gone .

Looking up, Xuan Yi saw the dog disappear into the distance .

Hence, Xuan Yi dashed off after the dog!


Feng Wu was headed for the wall . She wanted to get out of Northern Feng Mansion .

But the dog wouldn’t leave her alone!

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