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Published at 9th of September 2020 03:45:15 PM
Chapter 1087: 1087
Chapter 1087 Catching Feng Wu Feng Xun stomped his foot in frustration . Just then —

The dog charged out in another direction at an incredible speed .

It headed for the food market .

Feng Wu had thought that the dog wouldn’t be able to pick up the scent anymore, but as it turned out, she was wrong . She frowned .

Meanwhile, the running dog had already frightened a lot of people .

“Out of the way! Everyone out of the way —”

The dog forced its way through, not caring about the crowd at all . It ended up knocking a lot of people off their feet .

Its eyes were flickering red, and it kept its gaze on Feng Wu, as if it was going to jump her the next moment .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were right behind the dog .

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder —

Further ahead was the food market, where the crowd was even denser . Without thinking, she threw her baskets at the dog, then took off .

Only after Feng Wu fled did Feng Xun realize who the dog had been chasing .

He had never expected that the ugly girl could…

Was she a born actress? How did she become a teenage vegetable vendor in such a short time?

Feng Xun said to Xuan Yi, “If I hadn’t thrown that stink bug at her, we might have never found her . ”

Xuan Yi nodded in agreement .

That was a very impressive girl .

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With their current capabilities and power, together with their guards and a sharp-nosed dog, they were still unable to catch her . That was proof enough of how stealthy she was .

“I have to catch her this time!” Feng Xun made up his mind .

Feng Wu made her way through the crowd like a nimble fish, checking herself for the remaining scent as she ran .

Without the scent, Feng Xun would never be able to find her .

Feng Wu sniffed and found that the scent was almost gone . In less than an hour, it would disappear completely; all she had to do now was evade Feng Xun for the next hour .

Everything was fine in the beginning . The street was packed with people and Feng Wu kept changing directions, making it impossible for the dog or Feng Xun to catch her .

But Feng Xun wasn’t dumb . He bellowed at the crowd, telling them to leave the street . Otherwise, they would be considered to have offended Northern Feng Mansion!

Northern Feng Mansion…

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No one could afford such an accusation .

Hence, everyone moved toward the sides, creating a passageway wide enough for three people to walk shoulder to shoulder .

Feng Wu was left alone on the street and was spotted right away .


Feng Xun and Xuan Yi dashed off at top speed .

Feng Wu turned around to see that those two were almost upon her . She took off right away, as if she was sliding on ice .

However, the next second, Feng Xun leapt up and struck Feng Wu in the back with his fist .

“Pfft —”

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Feng Wu stumbled forward, blood spurting out of her mouth . She couldn’t stop coughing .

Immediately after that, Feng Xun put a foot on her back . “Ugly girl, there you are . You won’t get away this time!”

Feng Wu felt like screaming .

Feng Xun had stomped on her so hard that she almost fainted .

Seeing that Feng Wu wasn’t speaking, Feng Xun snorted . He then picked Feng Wu up so that she could face him . His usually handsome face had a bone-chilling look on it .

He stared at Feng Wu with a malicious grin on his face . “I’d like to see you run now!”

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