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Published at 10th of September 2020 04:10:06 AM
Chapter 1088: 1088
Chapter 1088 Young Lord Feng Has Snatched a Teenage Boy — Feng Xun picked Feng Wu up and their faces were only inches apart . Feng Xun glared at the ugly girl . There were so many questions he wanted to ask her and he desperately wanted to teach her a lesson .

However, he turned around to find a large crowd around them . Moreover, they were all watching the two of them curiously .

Feng Xun didn’t want to make a scene in public, and he snorted . “Let’s go back!”

He would wait until he was back at Northern Feng Mansion .

By then, Feng Wuyi had already brought Feng Xun’s horse over .

It was a tall, mighty-looking horse that was taller than Feng Wu .

Feng Wuyi had thought that Feng Xun would leave her to one of his underlings . As a matter of fact, that was what Feng Wuyi suggested .

“My lord, how about I take this ugly girl…”

Feng Xun only snorted at him . “Are you going to take responsibility if she goes missing?”

Feng Wuyi was rendered speechless . He bowed, then backed away .

Feng Wu was sorry to hear that . If Feng Wuyi had stood his ground… She would stand a much better chance of escaping if she was handed over to Feng Wuyi .

Turning his head, Feng Xun saw the look on the ugly girl’s face, and he smacked her on the head . “Are you thinking of running away? You’ll never get the chance as long as you’re alive! Heh!”

Feng Xun then recalled all the painstaking effort he had gone through to catch this girl . He hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before .

As he spoke, Feng Xun lifted Feng Wu onto the back of his big horse .

“Hya —”

The horse ran so fast that the wind blew into Feng Wu’s mouth . She couldn’t help but cough, and went on coughing .

This Feng Xun!

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Feng Wu was never the type to eat humble pie . She still held a grudge toward Feng Xun for stepping on her back . Hence —

“Ah — help me — Young Lord Feng is taking me, an innocent boy, against my will —”


Xuan Yi was on a horse behind Feng Xun and heard everything .

Even someone as stern as him couldn’t help but crack, to say nothing of Feng Xun, the man in question .

Right now, Feng Xun’s face had gone purple!

Taking an innocent boy against his will?

That was as bad as snatching a woman off the street!

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This abominable girl!

Feng Xun wanted to smack the girl’s head into a pancake .

To make it worse, there were so many people here, and everywhere he turned, he saw a large crowd .

They didn’t dare to look up at him, but stole glances out of the corners of their eyes, as if he wouldn’t notice .

Feng Xun could imagine what they would say after he was gone…

Infuriated, Feng Xun threatened them, “Spread baseless rumors and I’ll cut your heads off!”

Feng Wu was about to start acting again, when Feng Xun threw a dirty look at her . “One more word and I’ll strangle you right here!”

Seeing that Feng Xun meant it, Feng Wu cringed and swallowed the rest of her sentence as she stared at Feng Xun .

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“Hya —”

The tall horses disappeared at the other end of the street .

Feng Wu turned back to look at the gossiping commoners, finding it quite amusing .

“Smile again and I’ll strangle you!” Feng Xun warned her in a threatening voice .

Feng Wu asked in bewilderment, “My lord, you do know what they’re talking about, don’t you?”

Feng Xun said, “Shut up!”

Feng Wu said, “You know, you could have explained yourself to them just then . Why didn’t you?”

Feng Xun said, “Heh!”

Feng Wu said, “I mean it . They were so shocked because they thought I was a boy . You could have taken my hat off . That way, I would’ve been a girl again . ”

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