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Published at 9th of September 2020 03:35:07 AM
Chapter 1086: 1086
Chapter 1086 Smart Little Feng Wu The dog swam fast in the water . Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were running fast along both banks of the river!

At the same moment, Feng Wu —

She had sensed the thunder net the moment she dove in, but there was no way out and she could only move forward .

Because turning around would surely get her caught, but she might have a chance if she kept moving forward .

At that thought, Feng Wu dashed forward at full speed —

In the process, Feng Wu realized that although the thunder net was called a “net,” it was made from the same material as Immortal-Restraining Rope .

Before, Chang San had tied Feng Wu up with Immortal-Restraining Rope and Feng Wu had thrown a tantrum at Jun Linyuan for that .

But Feng Wu had also asked Jun Linyuan how to untie the rope, for she didn’t want to be trapped in such a passive and hopeless situation again .

Maybe Jun Linyuan had sympathized with her, for he actually taught her . At that thought, Feng Wu smiled .

Feng Wu had the ice and fire attributes, and ice and water shared a common origin . Therefore, she was at home in the water .

With the method Jun Linyuan taught her, she made a hole in the thunder net, then turned around and waved Feng Xun goodbye . At that moment, Feng Xun was guffawing at the water with his hands on his waist .

Swimming as swiftly as a fish, Feng Wu fled through the hole to her freedom . She went on swimming fast underwater .

She only resurfaced several hundreds of meters away, when she heaved a sigh of relief .

At that moment, she turned around to find Feng Xun pulling the net out .

No —

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Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

After Feng Xun took the net in, he would soon realize that she was gone . Soon, they would start another round of pursuit, and she had only bought herself less than five minutes .


The water would slow Feng Wu down greatly . Therefore, Feng Wu jumped ashore after seeing some thick grass . She quickly washed the makeup off her face, then changed into a teenage boy’s outfit .

Having been in the water for a while, the smell on Feng Wu had become even fainter . Even that sharp-nosed dog would have a difficult time sniffing Feng Wu out, not to mention Feng Xun himself .

After putting on boy’s clothes, Feng Wu erased all traces, then headed for the city’s busy area .

After that entire drama, morning had already arrived .

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Common people in the imperial capital got up early . The sun had just risen, but the farmers from the outskirts were already filing into the city, carrying loads of vegetables on their shoulders .

Feng Wu wore an outfit made from coarse cloth . She handed an old farmer some silver when she spotted the latter . “Grandpa, how about this silver for all your vegetables?”

Feng Wu had deliberately deepened her voice so that she sounded like a teenage boy whose voice was changing .

The old man was more than happy to oblige .

He wouldn’t be able to sell all these vegetables for 100 bronze coins, but was now getting silver, which was worth 2000 bronze coins, for them; what a sweet deal .

The old man nodded repeatedly . “Sure, sure —”

Carrying the load on her shoulders, Feng Wu hid herself among the rest of the vegetable sellers, then followed them to the market .

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After blending in, she was a lost target to Feng Xun, who had finally arrived .

Feng Xun could only stare at his dog . “Your turn!”

The dog gave him an aggrieved look .

More and more people were pouring into the street, and that special scent was getting fainter…

The dog looked around in bewilderment .

Feng Xun was so anxious!

He had gotten unbelievably lucky this time . If the girl changed the way she looked again, he wouldn’t know how to find her next time .

Where was Boss Jun anyway? Why hadn’t he arrived? If he were here —

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