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Chapter 1081: 1081
Chapter 1081 Feng Wu on Stage Feng Wu was as bold as ever . She snuck up on the girl and knocked the latter unconscious with the side of her palm . She then quietly dragged the girl into the closet, then changed into her clothes, hairpiece…

After that, Feng Wu copied the girl’s makeup .

With the feathers that covered her face, Feng Wu was able to achieve the seemingly impossible makeover .

“Quickly, everyone on stage . Now —”

Madam Cui rushed the group of dancers out of the room like a hen ushering out chicks .

“Qi…” Madam Cui looked at Miss Fengqi in a regretful manner, then pulled the latter out of Zuo Qingliu’s arms . “Quickly, you’re needed downstairs —”

Zuo Qingliu was an ideal choice, but Young Lord Feng had shown up and Madam Cui was completely biased toward Feng Xun, despite the fact that Feng Xun showed no feelings for Miss Fengqi .

Feng Wu hid herself well in the crowd and quickly followed them out .

The sound of musical instruments soon rang out in the main hall on the first floor .

Miss Fengqi was dancing in the center of the stage, and was surrounded by the others like the moon among the stars .

This was Feng Wu’s first time dancing this piece, but luckily, she was a backup dancer and one of many among the crowd . It didn’t take her long to catch up with the others .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun was searching room after room for Feng Wu on the second floor .

He couldn’t understand it!

That girl had to be here in Perching Phoenix, but why couldn’t he find her? It was as if she had vanished into thin air .

Frustrated, Feng Xun smacked the banister, making a loud bang .

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On stage, Feng Wu stole a glance at Feng Xun as she moved along with the music . She was secretly elated when she saw how vexed he was .

The last place Feng Xun could imagine she would hide herself was on stage!

Just then, Feng Wu sensed a cold gaze on her!

To be more precise, the gaze was directed at the center of the stage .

It was Xuan Yi .

Feng Wu noticed that Xuan Yi was leaning against a column with his sword between his crossed arms and a cold look in his eyes .

She felt a chill run down her spine . Involuntarily, she danced more properly than before . Otherwise, Xuan Yi’s sharp eyes would pick her out in no time .

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Feng Xun came down the stairs, looking infuriated .

Seeing him like that, Mu the Sixth rose to his feet in a hurry . “Brother, please have a seat . ”

Because of Feng Xun and Xuan Yi’s arrival, two more seats had been added to the first row .

Feng Xun sat down in frustration, then grabbed a cup of tea and gulped it down .

Mu the Sixth followed Miss Fengqi’s dancing with an infatuated look on his face, while making an effort to talk to Feng Xun . “Brother, did you not find the girl you were looking for?”

Feng Xun only snorted .

Mu the Sixth said, “Brother, don’t be mad . We have more than enough girls here in Perching Phoenix . Look at those on stage . They come in all shapes and sizes . Brother, all you need to do is name one and I’ll bring her to you . ”

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Feng Xun gave him a “you idiot” look and couldn’t be bothered to reply .

Those girls on stage were nothing compared with that ugly girl . She might not be pretty, but she had the most amazing eyes . One would never forget them after they saw those eyes . All the girls on stage were just commonplace women .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu wanted to jump for joy on stage .

Good . Xuan Yi was going to stay here in the main hall . After this dance, she could jump over the wall and get herself out of this mess…

Feng Wu was a little anxious, for this piece was quite long .

Seeing that Feng Xun was staring blankly at the stage while his mind had wandered off, Feng Wu —

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