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Published at 6th of September 2020 03:15:07 AM
Chapter 1080: 1080
Chapter 1080 Quicker Than Words Can Describe Feng Wu noticed that she was in a very spacious room, which looked like a dressing room separated into two halves by a giant screen in the middle . On one end was a busy scene, where young girls in identical seductive dresses were busy putting on makeup . On the other side of the screen, Miss Fengqi and Zuo Qingliu couldn’t get enough of each other .

“Young Master, Fengqi wants to serve you and keep you company forever . Please don’t say no . ”

“Fengqi? So, this is the famous Miss Fengqi,” thought Feng Wu .

“Qi, don’t worry . That Mu the Sixth won’t be able to do anything . I, Zuo Qingliu, promise you that I’ll win the bid tonight and make you mine from now on!”

Zuo Qingliu?!

Feng Wu couldn’t believe her ears . What an incredible coincidence!

She had only just put out a hit on Zuo Qingliu with the assassin organization, and here he was, right here in Perching Phoenix!

Feng Wu tentatively stuck her head out and stole a glance at the man . Her eyes lit up .

It really was Zuo Qingliu .

She would never forget his face, for Zuo Qingliu had been there when Zuo Qingluan destroyed Feng Wu’s True Phoenix Blood .

Moreover, Zuo Qingliu was the one who had held Feng Wu down so that Zuo Qingluan could do it .

Feng Wu”s eyes blazed with hatred at the sight of her old enemy .

Miss Fengqi seemed concerned . “But if Young Lord Feng intervenes…”

Zuo Qingliu smirked in satisfaction . “Don’t worry . I have an idea!”

Miss Fengqi pressed, “What’s your plan?”

Zuo Qingliu held nothing back from the girl he liked . Taking a packet of medicine out of his chest pocket, he waved it in front of Miss Fengqi . “I have this baby . ”

“You’re going to poison…” Miss Fengqi blanched in fear and looked like she was going to faint .

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Zuo Qingliu said with a straight face, “Of course not . It’ll only keep him on the toilet longer . ”

Zuo Qingliu only feared that Feng Xun would suddenly lose his mind and steal Fengqi away .

Just then, there was a quick knock at the door . “Qi, Qi, the sun’s about to rise and it’s time for your dance . The guests are all waiting . Are you ready?”

Freeing herself from Zuo Qingliu’s arms, Miss Fengqi answered, “Yes, mama, just a second . ”

After that, Miss Fengqi headed for the door .

But Zuo Qingliu wouldn’t let her go that easily . He pulled her back and gave her another long, passionate kiss .

Something then stirred inside Feng Wu!

A dance?

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Feng Wu looked around . The dance wasn’t solo, but had dozens of backup dancers . If she could hide in the crowd —

Just then, quick footsteps approached outside the door, and Madam Cui spoke again .

“Young lord, you — you’re back . Haven’t you searched this room already?” That was Madam Cui .

Feng Xun’s face was livid .

That ugly girl was definitely here in Perching Phoenix, but he couldn’t find her no matter what!

How could a girl be so sneaky?!

Feng Xun?

Feng Wu was alarmed .

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No, sitting around here would only get her caught .

Seeing that everyone was distracted by the conversation outside, Feng Wu scanned the room with her bright eyes .

One of the dancers was standing very close to her . She was already dressed for the part and was retouching her makeup .

Feng Wu decided to choose her because half of the girl’s face was covered with feathers .

It would make her hard to recognize .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

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