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Chapter 1082: 1082
Chapter 1082 Slightly Nervous

And Feng Wu grew anxious .

She desperately wanted the dance to end, so that she could make the great escape before Feng Xun showed up in front of her .

Before long, the music slowly came to an end with the last note lingering in the air .

Finally… it was over .

Standing in place, Feng Wu let out a breath of relief .

Because of the curtain call, Feng Wu stood in the second row until the very last moment .

Mu the Sixth grinned . “Brother, look . With all the feathers covering half their faces, the girls all look so mysterious . What do you think?”

Feng Xun was in an impatient mood and had no interest in any of the girls .

After knowing someone as beautiful as Feng Wu, even Miss Fengqi was an ordinary woman in Feng Xun’s eyes, not to mention those girls around her…

He couldn’t even be bothered to glance at them . Feng Xun then rose to his feet .

Feng Wu was secretly relieved . Finally, he was leaving .

However, Feng Xun paused as soon as he stood up . He spun around and stared at the girls on the stage .

“What did you just say?” Feng Xun stared at Mu the Sixth .

Mu the Sixth was dumbfounded . “What did I say?”

Feng Xun said, “Repeat it!”

Mu the Sixth said, “I said the girls came in all shapes and sizes…”

“The next sentence!”

“If you like any of them…”

“The one before that!”

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“Half of their faces are covered with feathers…”

Feng Xun snapped his fingers . “That’s it . ”

After that, he stared at the girls on the stage with a grin, then walked toward them .

Seeing Feng Xun get onto the stage, everyone’s eyes shone curiously . Was Young Lord Feng really interested in Miss Fengqi?

Zuo Qingliu’s face was livid!

Feng Xun had said only just then that he wasn’t interested in Miss Fengqi, but why did he suddenly…

Damn it!

Clenching his fists, Zuo Qingliu stiffened!

If Feng Xun really wanted to use his power to take the girl away, there was nothing Zuo Qingliu could do!

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He was getting closer and closer…

Feng Xun had gone up to Miss Fengqi and was reaching out —

Thrilled, Miss Fengqi shivered and blushed in expectation .

If Young Lord Feng really had his eye on her, she would be much better off with him than becoming Zuo Qingliu’s woman .

Feng Xun had indeed reached out, but —

He only pushed Miss Fengqi aside . “Out of my way . ”


Miss Fengqi stood there, baffled . Her face turned so red that her cheeks seemed to be bleeding .

Damn it!

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Meanwhile, Feng Wu grew nervous .

It was obvious that Feng Xun had grown suspicious of the girls on the stage . Feng Wu still smelled faintly of that bug, and she would be easily spotted if Feng Xun got too close .

What should she do now?

Feng Wu’s heart raced .

She was in the second row, and right now, Feng Xun was standing in front of them with his hands behind his back and a bone-chilling look in his eyes .

“Take your feathers off!” Feng Xun stared at them with a grim look on his face .

The title of Young Lord Feng alone was enough to intimidate them .

Although the girls had no idea why the young lord gave that order, they still removed the feathers from their faces as told .

Because of her tight schedule, Feng Wu had been a little hasty with her makeup . She could make it work with the feathers on, but without them, she had a 70% resemblance to the girl she had been disguised as before .

They stood in two slanted lines . When Feng Xun walked past them, he could see all their faces in one go .

Feng Wu —

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