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Published at 5th of September 2020 03:35:06 PM
Chapter 1079: 1079
Chapter 1079 Not Going Anywhere

What was more, she saw Xuan Yi leaning against a tree with a sword between his crossed arms . He only had to look up to spot Feng Wu .

Xuan Yi then lifted his head involuntarily and seemed alarmed .

Frightened, Feng Wu cringed, and without thinking, fell back into Perching Phoenix .

No —

She was trapped here .

Feng Wu was stumped, but not for long, for she heard approaching footsteps, along with the sound of Feng Xun’s berating .

“She was just here! How come you didn’t see her? Find her for me!”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were going to meet up, and if one drew a straight line between the two of them, Feng Wu was right in the middle .

She turned around and headed for the backyard of Perching Phoenix!

She hid herself in one of the rooms .

Behind her was an erotic scene, and the sound of suggestive panting filled the air, but Feng Wu wasn’t affected at all .

She knew she couldn’t remain here .

From what she knew of Feng Xun, she was sure that he would widen the search and turn every room upside down, even those he had already searched .

Feng Wu frowned at that thought .

Raising an arm, she sniffed at herself . The scent was very faint now, and wouldn’t be detected if she kept her distance from him .

But where was she going to hide now?

The last thing Feng Wu wanted was to be caught, for that would lead to the incident with the Immortal Spiritual Fruit… Jun Linyuan had disliked her to begin with, and if he knew the truth about the fruit, he would definitely strangle her himself!

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Just then, Feng Wu heard more footsteps, accompanied by angry shouts .

“Come out!”

“Come out for an inspection! We’re from Northern Feng Mansion!”

“Arrest them all!”

The shouts were like a death knell in Feng Wu’s ears, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer…

Feng Wu did the calculations in her head . At this speed, they would reach her in less than three minutes .

She couldn’t hide here any longer .

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Meanwhile, the couple on the bed had also reached the climax .

Since the front door was blocked, Feng Wu rolled over the floor and quietly made her way to the window . She then reached out and slowly cracked open the window —

She snuck out through the window, closing it behind her as if it had never been touched .

On the bed, the girl’s eyes flickered as she asked bewilderedly in between pants, “Did… the window… open?”

Lying on top of her, the man turned his head toward the window as he thrusted .

It was tightly shut without a crack .

The girl wanted to say something, but the man stopped her with a kiss .

Crawling over the wall like a spider, Feng Wu quickly moved toward the end of the corridor where the lights were the brightest .

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For she knew that the most dangerous place could also be the safest .

With the faint scent still on her, she wouldn’t be able to hide anywhere . Hence, she would rather remain out in the open; that way, Feng Xun might look past her .

Hiding outside a window of the brightly lit building, Feng Wu listened carefully .

It was quiet inside except for the sound of a couple kissing .

Good . Feng Wu took the opportunity to sneak in through the window . She landed silently on the floor and closed the window behind her .

She moved as smoothly as a floating cloud .

The two people in the room were none other than Miss Fengqi and Zuo Qingliu .

Their feelings for each other were mutual, and they were both lost in the passionate kiss as they ignored everything else .

Feng Wu hid in the shadow of a closet, where she wouldn’t be spotted unless one looked closely .

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