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Published at 5th of September 2020 03:35:12 PM
Chapter 1078
Chapter 1078 She“s Going to Be Caught! Miss Fengqi was already satisfied with her gains tonight, but someone as prominent as Young Lord Feng was completely unexpected . She was beyond joyful . “Young Lord Feng…” She was infatuated when she looked at Feng Xun, but he only brushed past her without so much as giving her a glance .

Feng Xun walked around the room, sniffing the entire time .

Soon, he went back to Miss Fengqi .

Miss Fengqi’s eyes lit up with pleasant surprise!

Zuo Qingliu’s face turned livid .

But soon, Feng Xun frowned and headed for the door .

“Young Lord Feng…” Miss Fengqi’s soft voice came from behind, which reminded one of a kitten .

But Feng Xun acted as if he didn’t hear anything . He didn’t stop walking and was soon out of sight .

“What’s going on?”

Seeing the group of people stream out as quickly as they had poured into the room, Miss Fengqi looked at Zuo Qingliu with a regretful and bewildered look on her face .

Zuo Qingliu snorted . “Who knows what his problem is . Well, he’s lucky that he’s gone . Otherwise, I would’ve taught him a lesson!”

Miss Fengqi made a deliberate gesture to cover Zuo Qingliu’s mouth . “Not so loud . Young Lord Feng has a temper, and we don’t want to offend him . ”

Zuo Qingliu said, “So what if we do? He’s just a young lord . ”

Miss Fengqi said, “Have you forgotten? His Royal Highness is behind the young lord . ”

Zuo Qingliu smirked . “Heh . Just wait until my sister’s back from Firmament Palace . After she marries His Royal Highness and becomes his official wife, all we need is some pillow talk and Feng Xun will be out of the picture!”

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Miss Fengqi covered her mouth and looked thrilled . “So, the rumor about Miss Qingluan and His Royal Highness… is true?”

“What do you think?” Zuo Qingliu gloated . “My sister is the only True Phoenix in the imperial capital . Who else but her is good enough for His Royal Highness?”

Miss Fengqi had been considering Mu the Sixth, but after hearing that Zuo Qingliu would become the crown prince’s brother-in-law, she was struck with realization, and looked at Zuo Qingliu even more eagerly .

Standing next to the stage, Feng Xun frowned and was running out of ideas .

He had searched all of Perching Phoenix, but had found no trace of the ugly girl . How was that possible?

Where was she hiding?

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had finally made the air freshener . After carefully cleaning herself up, she heaved a sigh of relief .

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There was still a little smell, but as long as Feng Xun didn’t come too close, he wouldn’t be able to detect it .

This place was a hotbed for trouble, and Feng Wu knew she had to leave soon . Otherwise, Feng Xun might get here and —

She was still thinking when the man napping by the door bumped his head on a chair with a thump .

Feng Wu cried out inwardly . “Sh*t!”

Her body moved into action quicker than her thoughts, and she jumped at the man like an eagle with wings spread wide .

But it was still too late .

Before Feng Wu could throttle the man, he let out a piercing scream . “Argh! Who are you — hgh!”

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And that was all that was needed .

Feng Xun was racking his brain in the banquet hall when he heard the sudden cry, and he was galvanized!

The next second, he dashed in the direction of that sound .

Feng Wu reacted quickly as well .

The moment the man cried out, she ran for the outer wall, as swift as a shooting star . She had to get out of Perching Phoenix .

However, as soon as she got to the roof, she saw all the guards that packed the streets around Perching Phoenix!

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