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Published at 5th of September 2020 03:35:15 PM
Chapter 1077
Chapter 1077 Miss Fengqi — That was why when they were competing over the front row seat, Mu the Sixth hadn’t dared to confront him directly, but had done it in a roundabout manner . “I know where he is . Come with me! I’ll show you the way!”

Mu the Sixth took off happily . With Feng Xun backing him, he was able to lead the way with his chest sticking out .

He complained to Feng Xun as he walked, “That Zuo Qingliu is awful . He has all the vices you can think off . It was only the other day that I saw him snatch an innocent girl off the street, and it seems that he’s gotten tired of her already . Now he’s here, trying to take Miss Fengqi away from me .

“I’ve been courting Miss Fengqi since forever . I had a crush on her when she was thirteen and I waited three whole years for her to reach the right age . And now, that Zuo Qingliu shows up to steal my fruit .

“Brother Feng, I’ve never asked you for anything, but I really need your help this time . Please help me . ”

Mu the Sixth’s affections seemed genuine, and he gave Feng Xun a pleading look .

Feng Xun smacked Mu the Sixth on the head . “What? You want her as your wife?”

Mu the Sixth glowered . “Well, if not that, I can always make her my concubine . Brother Feng, one word from you and my mum will say yes . Brother…”

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at him . “Help me catch that ugly girl today and I’ll help you . ”

Mu the Sixth was thrilled . “Great! That’s great! Brother, what does that ugly girl look like? Any special features?”

He rolled up his sleeves and was ready to get his hands dirty .

Feng Xun was about to describe the girl, but realized he didn’t know how to .

The girl had used some cream to disguise herself . She didn’t look like herself and he had no idea if she was going to have a different face now .

Feng Xun said in frustration, “The girl looks… Well, forget about her looks and just sniff around . She was hit with a stink bug, and that smell won’t go away for a while .

Mu the Sixth nodded eagerly . “Sure . I’ll find her for you!”

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As they spoke, they reached Miss Fengqi’s bedchamber .

Miss Fengqi had played a musical instrument and sung . Right now, she was preparing for her third performance, which was a dance .

Zuo Qingliu was guarding the door, and he frowned when he saw the large group of people coming his way .

Seeing Mu the Sixth, who was leading the team, Zuo Qingliu gloated and smirked . “Loser, you’ve got some balls to come back . ”

However, as soon as Zuo Qingliu spoke, an impolite voice came from behind Mu the Sixth .

“Who did you just call a loser?” Wearing a heavy cape, Feng Xun showed up behind Mu the Sixth .

Young Lord Feng?!

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Zuo Qingliu stared at Feng Xun with a grim look on his face .

“Move!” Feng Xun stared at him .

“Young Lord Feng, this is Miss Fengqi’s…”

Before Zuo Qingliu could finish the sentence, Feng Xun reached out and picked Zuo Qingliu up like he was holding a chicken .

Crash —

Zuo Qingliu smashed into the wall . The violent energy seemed to burn up his insides, and blood threatened to rush up his throat .

Feng Xun ignored him and headed right into the room .

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A frightened shriek rang out inside .

Miss Fengqi was changing into a complicated dress, which consisted of dozens of layers, but together, looked as thin as cicada wings .

The teenage girl raised her head . She had delicate features and was blushing prettily . Her exquisite shoulder blades looked almost transparent under the light .

Of course Miss Fengqi knew who Young Lord Feng was .

As for the guests tonight —

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