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Published at 4th of September 2020 03:35:12 AM
Chapter 1076: 1076
Chapter 1076 He“s Nothing! After all that was done, Feng Wu quickly went to the stove . That was right . She was going to use the stove to make that supreme grade air freshener .

Other people wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but Feng Wu was a medicine refiner like no other . She could refine medicine even with a stove .

Knowing that there was no time to waste, Feng Wu sped up .

Feng Xun led his men to search the upper floor of Perching Phoenix . They opened one door after another, but weren’t able to find the girl .

“That’s strange…” Rubbing his chin, Feng Xun looked anxious . “We’ve surrounded this place so thoroughly that even a bird can’t get out . Where did she go?”

Feng Wuyi asked, “Young Master, can’t you smell her?”

Feng Xun frowned . Of course he could if they were close enough, but not when they were hundreds of meters apart . It wasn’t like he had the nose of a dog .

Moreover, the air in this Perching Phoenix place was filled with a mixture of strong fragrances that could cripple any nose . He almost thought that he couldn’t smell properly anymore .

“That ugly girl…” Feng Xun clenched his fists .

She was as cunning as a fox . With them at her heels, she was able to come up with the idea to hide in a brothel . That was quick-witted!

“Hey, is the dog here?” Feng Xun stared at Feng Wuyi impatiently .

“It’s on the way . We should have it soon,” said Feng Wuyi with a bow .

“Hmph, guard the perimeter . We’ll get her like catching a rat in a hole . She’ll have nowhere to go!”

Feng Xun looked pleased with himself .

His guards was still searching one room after another, and shrieks kept ringing out

But after they flashed the wooden token of Northern Feng Mansion, the shrieks soon stopped .

“Young Lord, the nine rooms in the east wing were searched . She wasn’t there . ”

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“Young Lord, the nine rooms in the west wing were searched . She wasn’t there . ”

“Young Lord…”

The six teams Feng Wuyi brought soon searched every room of Perching Phoenix, but they gave Feng Xun the report he wanted to hear the least .

Feng Xun opened his eyes wide . “No one found her?”

None of the underlings dared to meet his gaze .

Feng Xun raised his voice . “No one?!”

His men held their breaths .

The young lord could be very terrifying when he threw a tantrum .

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“Only that…” For the first time, the leader hesitated .

“This isn’t the time to stammer! Speak!” Feng Xun roared .

The team leader said, “Only that… we didn’t search Miss Fengqi’s room . ”

“Why didn’t you?!” Feng Xun snapped .

“Young Master Zuo was there…”

After Feng Xun arrived, Zuo Qingliu was worried that Miss Fengqi, the girl he had had his eye on all this time, would be taken away by Feng Xun . Therefore, he went backstage first .

Miss Fengqi had given two performances already, and the third one would determine her fate .

“Which Young Master Zuo?” Feng Xun glared .

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Mu the Sixth had been following Feng Xun, and he grinned when he heard that name . “That’s Zuo Qingliu, the second son of the Zuo family . ”

The team leader said, “Yes, Young Master Zuo the Second blocked the door and told us that we were offending Miss Fengqi . ”

“Who the hell does he think he is?!” Feng Xun glowered . “Show me the way!”

Oh my —

Mu the Sixth was over the moon!

Zuo Qingliu had been so arrogant in front of Mu the Sixth because he was the direct descendant of the Zuo family, which was favored by the empire at the moment . Moreover, the Zuo family had a daughter, Zuo Qingluan, who was a rising star .

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