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Chapter 1075: 1075
Chapter 1075 Where“s Feng Wu?

They had prepared enough flower petals for Miss Fengqi’s performance later .

In front of the stage, more than 20 chairs had been set out . Only the three chairs that were in the front row were made from expensive red sandalwood . There were six chairs in the second row, and in the third…

Mu the Sixth sat on the very left in the front row, which indicated that he wasn’t the most important guest tonight, but the second most important .

The one sitting in the middle was Zuo Qingliu, the second son of the Zuo family .

Mu the Sixth and Zuo Qingliu found each other an eyesore, and were engaged in a secret competition to pick Miss Fengqi’s cherry .

Mu the Sixth turned around to find Feng Xun in the hall and rose to his feet excitedly .

“Brother! Brother Feng!”

He left his seat and ran happily toward Feng Xun .

“It’s you, little Mu the Sixth . ” Feng Xun patted him on the shoulder .

“Brother, what brings you here? Are you here for Miss Fengqi as well? Teehee, since you’re interested in her, I’ll withdraw my bid . ”

Mu the Sixth was Feng Xun’s minion, and more than anything, liked to follow Feng Xun around .

He had bid for the VIP seat in the middle against Zuo Qingliu just then, but lost to the latter by a narrow margin . Mu the Sixth was still holding a grudge .

Now that his Brother Feng was here… Hoho .

Mu the Sixth took Feng Xun to the best seat, but Feng Xun waved him off . “Don’t let me keep you . I have an errand to run . ”


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Mu the Sixth forgot about Miss Fengqi right away, for nothing could be more important than his Brother Feng .

“Brother, what errand? Let me do it for you . Just name it . ” Mu the Sixth looked at Feng Xun eagerly .

Seeing how eager the guy was, Feng Xun snapped, “You can’t handle her . Out of my way . Go back to your game . ”

After that, Feng Xun waved his hand and rushed up the stairs in Perching Phoenix .

“Gosh, dear young lord…” Madam Cui was flustered .

This was Perching Phoenix, a brothel which guys visited to have fun . Right now, it was business hours, and there was something going on behind all the closed doors .

“A felon has just run inside . If you still want to have a business, keep your mouth shut!”

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Feng Xun looked up and threw an intimidating glance at Madam Cui .

Feng Xun might be a goofball around Feng Wu, but when he meant to look the part, he was every bit a young lord . It worked on Madam Cui, who was utterly frightened .

While Feng Xun rushed upstairs to search for the girl, what was Feng Wu doing?

The moment she ran into Perching Phoenix, she instinctively headed for the pharmacy .

The pharmacy at Perching Phoenix had as much incense as it did aphrodisiac .

Feng Wu quickly went through the inventory after she entered, but to her disappointment, they didn’t have the supreme grade air freshener here .

Luckily, Feng Wu was able to find a lot of Woody Ambergris . With this ingredient, Feng Wu would be able to make the supreme grade air freshener herself .

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Time was of the essence, so Feng Wu grabbed a handful of Woody Ambergris and the necessary supplementary ingredients, then dashed into the kitchen on the first floor .

Because important guests kept coming and going all the time, the kitchen was staffed the whole time, but only by two people, one of whom was dozing off .

Feng Wu moved unbelievably fast and jumped into the kitchen as nimbly as a cat . She snuck up on the person who was still awake .


Feng Wu hit the guy with the side of her palm, knocking him unconscious .

She smiled a little . Immediately after that, she pulled the man up and sat him down in a chair . She even adjusted his position, so that from afar, he looked like he was only taking a nap .

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