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Chapter 1074: 1074
Chapter 1074 What a Scene

Feng Xun felt that he was that close to catching the ugly girl, but Yu Mingye still didn’t have a clue .

At that thought, Feng Xun had a sense of superiority .

Yu Mingye tapped his chin with a slender finger . “Did I hear you talking about catching some ugly girl?”

“It’s none of your business and I’m not telling you!” Feng Xun tried to drag Xuan Yi away .

He decided he would show the ugly girl off to Yu Mingye after he caught her .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi left in a hurry . Behind them, Yu Mingye rubbed his chin with a brooding look in his eyes .

The ugly girl… Wasn’t that little Feng Wu? She had been spotted by Feng Xun? How careless of her .

Yu Mingye couldn’t bring himself to see Feng Wu getting mistreated . He followed them without making a sound .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi ran very fast . When they got there, their men had already surrounded the busiest brothel in the imperial capital .

“Young Lord, that girl slipped in here . ”

Feng Wuyi, the captain of the Northern Feng Mansion’s guards, cupped his hands at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun asked, “All set?”

Feng Wuyi said, “We have men everywhere in the area . There’s no way that the girl can get away . ”

Feng Xun nodded . However, recalling how stealthy the girl could be, he said to Feng Wuyi, “Go back and bring the dog here . ”

Just as a precaution .

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After giving the instruction, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi entered Perching Phoenix Terrace .

The building known as Perching Phoenix was richly decorated and looked luxurious . Their nostrils were filled with a warm, pleasant smell as soon as they set foot inside .

Madam Cui, the madam of Perching Phoenix, was hosting some guests when a male servant came in . “Young Lord Feng and Young Lord Xuan are here . ”

Both were popular figures in the imperial capital . They might not know everyone, but everyone knew who they were .

Mouths fell open after they entered the building .

Madam Cui rolled her eyes grumpily when she heard those words . “Are you kidding me? How would two prominent figures like them show up here? We might have some beautiful girls here in Perching Phoenix, but they aren’t beautiful enough to draw those two here . ”

The servant said hastily, “It’s true . They’re already in the building!”

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Madam Cui looked over her shoulder, just in case, and what she saw astonished her .

“Oh my! Young Lord Feng and Young Lord Xuan! To what do we owe this honor? Are you here to enjoy the flower festival of Fengqi, our Miss Perching Phoenix?”

The so-called flower festival was an auction for the rights to take the virginity of the girl known as Fengqi .

Miss Fengqi, who was named after Perching Phoenix, had grown up in the brothel . She had learned drawing, chess, calligraphy, and musical instruments from famous teachers, and had been entertaining her guests with her talents rather than her flesh until she was 16 . Tonight, Madam Cui decided to sell her at a satisfying price .

Madam Cui’s eyes lit up when she saw Feng Xun and Xuan Yi .

Talk about bigwigs and real descendants of influential families!

She had been entertaining some young descendants of big families, but as soon as Feng Xun and Xuan Yi showed up, Madam Cui wanted to give them all her attention .

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Although Madam Cui couldn’t wait to serve these two, their minds obviously weren’t on that Miss Fengqi .

Feng Xun frowned and waved Madam Cui off . “Out of my way . Go back to whatever you were doing . ”

After that, he and Xuan Yi headed for the stairs .

An idea struck Madam Cui . Were they going backstage to look for Miss Fengqi directly? Young Lord Feng was using his rights as a young lord?

A stage had been built at the center of the main hall . It was decorated with flowers of all colors and lit up brightly .

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