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Published at 3rd of September 2020 03:30:13 AM
Chapter 1073
Chapter 1073 The Girl From Frozen Forest 5


He stepped into a mud pit!

But it was more than a mud pit . It was filled with dog sh*t…

Feng Wu had covered the pit with leaves . In the dim light at this hour, and with the stench around Feng Wu —

Feng Xun missed the pit and stepped right into it .

As soon as he stumbled into the pit, Feng Xun shrieked . “Argh —”

Feng Wu chuckled into her palm . “That’s what you get for chasing me and refusing to leave me alone!”

Of course, Feng Wu didn’t linger . She immediately turned to run .

She knew perfectly well that Feng Xun’s anger would drive him on a harder pursuit!

That was her voice!

Infuriated, Feng Xun cursed . He then pulled his feet out of the pit to find his boots covered in dog sh*t…

Holding his breath at the stench, he took off his boots, tossed them aside, then ran after Feng Wu on bare feet .

“Ugly girl! Stop! Stop right there!”

Feng Xun sounded angry and frustrated .

Feng Wu was anxious and didn’t know what to do . She wanted to tell Feng Xun to stop . Trying to catch her would only harm them both .

Feng Wu turned around and warned him, “Stop chasing me . You’ll never catch me . ”

“Heh!” Feng Xun snorted . “Here’s what I’m going to tell you: Over . My . Dead . Body!”

That serious? Feng Wu cringed .

Coming from Feng Xun, that was a massive grudge…

So, Feng Wu’s only option now was to run as fast as she could!

But she couldn’t run forever .

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Feng Xun on his own wasn’t all that threatening, but if Xuan Yi showed up later, or Jun Linyuan…

Feng Wu knew that she wouldn’t be able to get away .

What should she do?

Feng Wu racked her brain for a way out .

The stink bug was her main problem . The smell was impossible to remove, and she would be found out wherever she went .

Therefore, removing the stink was her top priority .

But how?

Feng Wu’s thoughts whirled .

Could she go to a pharmacy?

Feng Wu shook her head . She could see that the pharmacy was still quite some distance away, and even Feng Xun would consider that possibility .

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Maybe he had already stationed someone outside the pharmacy .

Air freshener… air freshener… where could she find some air freshener?


Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

A brothel!

Brothels were very particular about hygiene and wouldn’t have any foul smells in their buildings . They had to have some air freshener around .

Where were the brothels in the imperial capital?

Feng Wu hadn’t been to one, but she knew the imperial capital well enough to know the general direction .

Feng Xun was still running after Feng Wu when he saw her change direction . He frowned . “Where is she going? Sh*t!”

Feng Xun was quick-witted enough to figure out the answer .

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“What’s wrong?” Xuan Yi showed up at that moment .

“Quickly! That girl is heading for the brothels! Stop her!”

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun . “Is she really that ugly girl?”

“Yes! It’s her! This may be our only chance! If we lose her, we may never find her again! Go get her! She smells like a stink bug!”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were going to split up when —

“Hey, are you chasing something?” A teenager leaned against a banister and grinned at Feng Xun .

It was none other than Yu Mingye .

An idea struck Feng Xun when he saw Yu Mingye .

Yu Mingye!

He wasn’t the only one who was tricked by the ugly girl in Frozen Forest . Yu Mingye was a victim, too!

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