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Published at 2nd of September 2020 12:15:12 PM
Chapter 1072: 1072
Chapter 1072 The Girl From Frozen Forest 4 When Xuan Yi tried to cast that girl out, Feng Xun stood up for her . Boss Jun didn’t like her, but Feng Xun still looked after her .

He had trusted her despite everything, and what happened after that? That little scumbag stole their Immortal Spiritual Fruit!

They were going to save Bao Er with that! Ahhhh —

Feng Xun shouted in vexation .

He had been too tired to even move a finger, but after spotting the ugly girl, his speed was frightening!

Feng Wu ran in the front and would look over her shoulder from time to time, only to realize that the distance between them was getting smaller and smaller…

That wouldn’t do…

If Feng Xun caught up with her and forced her to wash the makeup off… Feng Wu couldn’t begin to imagine the look on Feng Xun’s face when that happened .

All Feng Wu wanted to do now was find a quiet corner and wash that cream off her face . That should do the trick .

Feng Wu was pondering that idea when —


From close behind, Feng Xun hit her with something .

Instantly, a stench filled Feng Wu’s nostrils .

Feng Xun guffawed . “Ugly girl, I bet you’re thinking about finding a place to wash that disguise cream off your face, so that I won’t find you . Am I right?”

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Feng Xun over her shoulder .

The look on her face reminded Feng Xun of an angry bunny, and he cracked up . “That’s a stink bug, and that smell will stay on you for the next 24 hours once it hits you! Hahaha! You won’t be able to hide from me!”

Feng Wu was infuriated . Was she supposed to give in just like that? Never!

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But if she kept running in a straight line over the roofs, Feng Xun was sure to catch up to her . She had to get to the ground . The winding alleys were her only hope .

At that thought, Feng Wu leapt, moving as fast as a streak of lightning . She jumped off the roof and rushed into a house on her left up ahead .

Feng Xun smirked . “Where do you think you’re going?”

Feng Xun’s guards had caught up to him and were following him with loud footsteps, which woke many people at this early hour .

Feng Xun turned around and told his guards, “Go tell Xuan the Second and Boss Jun that I’ve found the ugly girl . Get them here ASAP!”

He didn’t dare to treat this lightly .

After all, a chance like this didn’t happen every day, and he couldn’t afford to lose her again!

“It hurts —”

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Taking a deep breath, Feng Xun realized that his muscles were sore from head to toe, and he felt really weak .

She just happened to show up on the day he had an intensive stretching session…

Otherwise, Feng Xun was convinced that he would have caught the stealthy girl if his condition was as usual .

Jumping into the back garden of a house, Feng Wu wanted to hide, but the smell was so strong that she knew she wouldn’t be able to get away with it .

Involuntarily, Feng Wu reached into her ring space to look for some pills .

She remembered that she had made some air freshener, but never got around to using it . That was why she had left it in some remote corner .

Her search came back empty .

She searched again and still found nothing .

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Feng Wu smacked her head in frustration .

She remembered now!

She had indeed made some air freshener and left it in a corner, but a moment ago, when she had tried to pay for the bounty…

She took out all her spare medicine, and that air freshener had been in the pile…

At that thought, Feng Wu wanted to smack her own head . That was so…

“Ugly girl, you’re not getting away!”

Just then, Feng Xun jumped off the wall as well and dashed at Feng Wu .

However, just before he reached her —

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