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Published at 2nd of September 2020 12:15:20 PM
Chapter 1071
Chapter 1071 The Girl From Frozen Forest 3 “Good . ” Feng Wu gathered all the spare medicinal pills she had and was able to raise 100,000 top-grade spiritual stones’ worth . She then handed them over . “It’ll be done in seven days,” the voice said quietly before Feng Wu left .

Feng Wu smiled a little . It was expensive, but if Zuo Ming knew that his family was being hunted by the Flying Guillotine as well, would he put a price on other people’s heads so casually after this?

It was the break of dawn when Feng Wu was ready to go home .

The sky had just started to brighten up, though it was still dim outside .

Along the silent street, a figure as nimble as a cat jumped from roof to roof at top speed .

Right at that moment!

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu felt a streak of spiritual essence sweep over her .

That was —

Feng Wu looked down to find a carriage racing along the street . She had no idea who the passenger was, but that streak of spiritual essence definitely came from inside the carriage .

Feng Wu stared at the carriage .

It was lit up from inside by two lanterns .

They had the insignia of Northern Feng Mansion on them .

Could it be Lady Northern Feng, her godmother? Feng Wu wondered if she should go down and say hello .

However, it was Feng Xun inside, not Lady Northern Feng .

Feng Xun had just gotten back from the suburbs, where Master Linghu lived . He was covered with sweat after a long night of training, and was dozing off in the carriage .

He wanted to go back home more than anything else, so that he could lie down and sleep .

The training was a rough stretching session which was so intense that all his tendons were cramping, and he was almost crying at the pain .

It just so happened that Feng Xun had a nose sharper than a dog’s . He was resting with his eyes closed when he caught a faint scent .

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A scent?

It was so familiar .

Nothing would have happened if Feng Xun had let it pass . That way, Feng Wu would be able to go home as planned and so would Feng Xun .

Unfortunately —

Something dawned on Feng Xun .

And he caught that idea in a fleeting moment .

“Ah!” Feng Xun cried out . “It’s her! Her!”

Then, the guards of the mansion watched as their young lord rushed out of the carriage, rambling words that no one else understood .

Moreover, he jumped onto the roof right away!

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“My lord!”

The guards were baffled when their young lord ran away . They followed him immediately .

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder to find Feng Xun behind her .

She smiled and was about to greet him when Feng Xun ran toward her, roaring, “You ugly girl! I finally found you! Stop right there!”

Feng Xun’s words were a thunderclap in Feng Wu’s ears .

Ugly girl?

Feng Wu saw the light right away .

She wasn’t dressed like the ugly girl from the forest of Northern Border City before, but she had the same sallow skin, which was created by the same cream .

“Ugly, stop! I know the smell of the cream you used to cover your face! It’s you! Stop running!”

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Feng Wu knew what this was about before Feng Xun finished talking .

The cream had given her away!

And Feng Xun…

The last thing Feng Wu would do right now was say hello to him . She would blow her own cover .

She turned and started running right away .

“You’re running away?! How dare you!” Feng Xun yelled angrily . He couldn’t believe this was happening .

Feng Xun recalled everything that had happened in Frozen Forest of Northern Border City .

He had been so nice to that girl .

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