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Chapter 1064: 1064
Chapter 1064 Since You“re Already Here, You May as Well Fight Me Chang San stared at the fatty with a ferocious look in his eyes, and was about to snap the latter’s neck . However, Feng Wu stopped him . “Hold it . ”

Chang San glanced at Feng Wu in resignation .

He realized that his new master had a very different style from His Royal Highness .

If it were up to His Royal Highness, these assassins would be annihilated with a snap of his fingers . He would never bother to talk to them .

However, Chang San had made a blood oath to give his allegiance to Feng Wu, and he could only leave the fatty alone for the time being, despite his reluctance .

At the same time .

The shorty stared at Feng Wu so hard that his eyes popped out .

How was that even possible?!

What a terrifying man!

The shorty finally knew why his tall colleague had screamed like that in Lady Xuanji’s room .

It had to be this capable man’s doing!

At that thought, the shorty turned to flee .

He could afford to fail a mission, but he only had one life!

However, it was no longer up to him if he could leave .

He tried to jump onto the wall, but while it seemed so close, it was forever in the distance, no matter how hard he tried!

What on earth was going on here?!

Feng Wu’s bone-chilling voice rang out behind him . “Do you think Fallen Star Yard is a place where you can come and go as you please?”

She hadn’t reached the cultivation level she wanted, but she had been working hard to get there .

The Taiyi Formation, Grand Secretary Fang, General Chang… these were all things and people she could rely on .

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The shorty turned to glare at Feng Wu . “You brat! What did you do?!”

Feng Wu smiled . “Since you’re already here, you may as well fight me . ”

“I won’t!” The shorty glared at Feng Wu .

The assassin had no idea what cultivation level the man behind Feng Wu was at, but since he could subdue his fellow assassin in one move, he had to be a Spiritual Lord at least!

How was he supposed to fight this girl with that man around?

“He won’t interfere . ” Feng Wu walked toward the shorty with a grin .

“You mean it?” the assassin asked .

Feng Wu said earnestly, “Yes, as long as I win . ”

The shorty was so mad that his face twisted!

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He wouldn’t interfere if she won, but he would if she lost? What was the point of fighting?!

At that thought, the shorty seemed to notice a loophole!

He couldn’t jump over the wall leading to the street, but the wall separating the house from their next door neighbor seemed unguarded . He didn’t know how he knew that, but he trusted his instincts .

When Feng Wu wasn’t looking —

The shorty ran as fast as he could, jumped over the wall, and headed for Fang Manor!

Run, run, run!

The shorty had forgotten completely about killing Feng Wu — all he could think of was running .

He didn’t want to be killed!

However, he failed to notice the smile in Feng Wu’s eyes when he jumped over the wall .

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Fallen Star Yard was on the edge of the formation, where the formation wasn’t as effective as it was at the core .

Why was Fang Manor the only direction he could run in?

Feng Wu had closed off all the other three directions and lured her prey into the center of the formation in Fang Manor .

The shorty smirked when he landed in Fang Manor .

However, the next second, his smile froze on his face .

For he could clearly sense some electric arcs flashing around him .

All was dark except for the lightning which surrounded him . There was nowhere for him to hide .

Moreover, he felt like he had been sucked into a swamp, and gravity seemed to be pulling him even further down .

The shorty tried to jump up, but realized that he couldn’t .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had followed him and jumped over the wall herself .

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