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Chapter 1065: 1065

Chapter 1065 Did She Win?
Seeing the malicious look in the shorty’s eyes, Feng Wu smiled . “Keep running . Why did you stop?”
The short assassin was full of despair .

He had been so confident when he came here today to kill Feng Wu, but he had lost two companions before they could achieve anything .

Realizing that he had nowhere to go, the shorty drew out his sword and struck at Feng Wu at an impossible angle!

He had figured it out . With that mighty cultivator around, he had no hope of winning!

In a situation like this, his only way out was to take Feng Wu hostage!

However, when he struck at Feng Wu, he realized that his power had been suppressed!

He had reached perfection in the Spiritual Elder stage, but had now regressed by an entire level!

That was to say, he was a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster now!

How was that even possible?!

The shorty was astonished!

Exactly what strange place had he set foot in? How could such a frightening thing happen?

Feng Wu smiled . “Welcome to my Taiyi Formation . Your power has been reduced by an entire level . Now, we can start . ”

She struck out!

During those seven days, Feng Wu was only able to master three stances of Fallen Star Swordplay .

“The first stance of Fallen Star Swordplay, Sword of the Other World!” Feng Wu’s sword swept through the air, blowing cherry blossom petals down from the tree .

The shorty grinned maliciously .

“Even when I’m a stage weaker, I’m still more than you can handle!”

His blade glinted!


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The blades clashed, sending sparks into the air!

Feng Wu stumbled back seven steps, but the shorty was only pushed one step back!

He looked surprised . “Aren’t you a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster?”

From that strike, he could tell that Feng Wu was more than that!

Feng Wu smiled . “A Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster? I haven’t been that for quite a while . ”

She was right . The assassins had been sent by the Zuo family, for they knew what cultivation level she was at!

After that assassin failed in the alley, they hadn’t waited long to send another one .

A fierce look flickered in Feng Wu’s eyes .

The Zuo family was almost impossible to guard against!

“The second stance of Fallen Star Swordplay, Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight!” Feng Wu had been pushed back seven steps to counteract the impact of the shorty’s strike, and she now dashed toward him, swift as a ghost!

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The next second, Feng Wu nimbly moved her wrist and stabbed at the shorty’s heart!

It was so fast!

And the angle she struck at was impossible to defend against!

The shorty had a ferocious look in his eyes and his face twisted!

Shielding his chest with his sword, he sent a streak of sword energy at Feng Wu!

Clang —

There was another violent fluctuation of energy!

Feng Wu stumbled back three steps!

This time, the shorty did the same!

He stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

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How could this happen?

He had been winning just then, but why were they exerting the same level of energy all of a sudden? He was sure that he was still performing like a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster!

“You —”

If the shorty had looked down on Feng Wu in the beginning, he was on the alert now!

Her expression unmoved and her gaze calm, Feng Wu raised her sword .

In the Taiyi Formation, immense spiritual essence gathered around her, and invisible sword energy spread out from her .

All of a sudden, the shorty looked scared .


That sword energy was so terrifying!

At that moment, Feng Wu raised her Flaming Sword . “The third stance of Fallen Star Swordplay, Fatal Thunder!”

After Feng Wu’s furious cry, tremendous sword energy rushed toward the short assasin!

He had thought that he would be able to withstand her attacks, but at that moment, fear filled his eyes .

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