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Published at 28th of August 2020 03:35:07 PM
Chapter 1063: 1063
Chapter 1063 Mighty General Chang! Their mission was to eliminate Feng Wu, while kidnapping Lady Xuanji was only their secondary goal . Seeing that the situation had changed, they decided to kill Feng Wu as quickly as possible and bring her head back to claim their reward .

However, before they could rush in, they saw a teenage girl dressed in red standing under the cherry blossom tree in the courtyard . Her floaty dress fluttered in the wind .

It wasn’t cherry blossom season yet, but to their surprise, the flowers were in full bloom, and the falling petals danced in the moonlight .

“Feng Wu!” The short assassin had a cold, murderous look in his eyes .

The mission came with a letter of appointment, and Feng Wu’s portrait had been in it .

Feng Wu wasn’t standing there by herself . Next to her was Chang San, who had a cold look in his eyes .

He was about to move, when Feng Wu stopped him .

She gave him a sideway glance . “I need to train . ”

Chang San was noticeably losing his patience, for he had had a moment of epiphany during his cultivation just then, and he was eager to put it into use and make some progress in his cultivation .

Hence, Chang San stared at the shorty and the fatty with an aggressive look in his eyes!

“They’re merely a pair of useless Spiritual Elders . Do whatever you want with them . ” With those words, Chang San held his sword between his crossed arms and leaned against the cherry blossom tree .

“Useless Spiritual Elders?” The corner of Feng Wu’s lips twitched . The captain of Jun Linyuan’s guards was probably the only one that could make that statement .

Feng Wu was a Spiritual Grandmaster herself . In any other situation, she wouldn’t even try to fight a Spiritual Elder, and would take off right away .

But it was different today .

They were on her territory . With her Taiyi Formation and the fact that Chang San was guarding her on the side, Feng Wu decided to practice her skills .

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The two assassins sneered at Feng Wu’s words .

“You brat . How bold of you! It’s time for you to surrender!”

Feng Wu shook her head . “I want to have a match . ”

The shorty said, “Where do you think you are? A martial arts arena? Kiddo, we’re assassins . Get it?”

This was the first time that the two assassins had run into a mere Spiritual Grandmaster who wasn’t afraid of them, two Spiritual Elders .

Their cultivation levels were an entire stage apart, and the difference between their capabilities was too great to overlook .

“A further delay will only mean more complications . Let’s do this together!” The two assassins exchanged looks, and the next second, they charged at Feng Wu together!

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Their client had put a very high price on Feng Wu’s head . Once they accomplished this mission, they would be able to live comfortably without needing to work for the next three years .

Seeing the two blades come at her, Feng Wu had an expectant smile on her face .

She needed to practice her sword stances, the ones known as Fallen Star Swordplay, which her master taught her the other day . However, Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to take the two of them together, so she grinned at Chang San .

Taking Feng Wu’s hint, Chang San rolled his eyes in resignation, and the next second, he raised his hand slightly .

Whoosh —

In a split second, only one of the two assassins was still facing Feng Wu, for Chang San was holding the other one .


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Twisting the fatty’s wrist so that the sword was aimed at the man’s own belly, Chang San then impaled the fatty to the tree with it .

The fatty looked completely baffled!

This wasn’t supposed to happen!

Didn’t the info say that Feng Wu, a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster, was the most capable cultivator in Fallen Star Yard? The rest of the members were supposed to be petty Level 3 and Level 1 Spiritual Grandmasters as well as a Level 6 Spiritual Master .

But why was this man here? He was far beyond a Spiritual Elder!

Chang San used to be the captain of the crown prince’s guards, so of course he was a very capable cultivator .

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