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Published at 28th of August 2020 03:25:07 AM
Chapter 1062: 1062
Chapter 1062 What“s Going On?

Crack —

In the dark, the short man in black gripped the door lock . The next second, the lock gave with a little click .

As soon as the door opened, Feng Wu threw out her golden needles!

A cold gust of wind swept through the room!

The short man crouched down instantly and swiftly dodged the needles .

But Feng Wu hadn’t been trying to inflict injury with the needles, and instead was forcing him to move as she wanted .

Just as the short man dropped onto his stomach and secretly rejoiced at dodging the needles, he realized that his hands seemed stuck to the ground, making it difficult for him to pull them back .

But, it was only difficult, not impossible!

Having reached perfection at the Spiritual Elder stage, the fat man wasn’t going to be defeated that easily . He used all his strength to pull his hands back, and struck out in the direction that the needles had come from .

But —

Feng Wu was nowhere to be found .

She had moved away already, and there was a black rebounding wall where she had been standing .

As the name suggested, that wall caused spiritual essence to rebound .

Therefore, all the power that the short man had exerted was bounced back at equal force .


The formidable spiritual essence rushed toward him at an unbelievable speed!


The short man opened his eyes wide .

How could this be?

However, his instincts as a killer made him react quickly .

There was something strange about this room!

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After his own spiritual essence bounced back, the short man ran toward the courtyard as fast as he could . Even so, he wasn’t able to completely dodge the rebound .

“Hm —”

The short assassin grunted . He had clearly been injured .

Beside him, the fat man was surprised to see what happened to his short colleague .

“How…” As soon as the fat man opened his mouth, the short man glared at him!

“We’ve got a tough one! Help me out here!”

The short man had thought the task was too simple at first, and had told the fat man to stand by and just watch .

Hence, the fat assassin had leaned on the doorframe to watch the supposed slaughter with a smile .

But to his surprise, the slaughter never happened . Instead, the short man had been forced out of the room .

A tough one? That did seem to be the case . The fat man smirked and suddenly drew out his sword!

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However —

The door stayed open, and nothing moved inside .

The short man and the fat man exchanged looks and saw surprise in each other’s eyes .

What was wrong with this courtyard?

With everything that had happened, how could the people inside remain motionless like this, as if they were all dead?

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t they be screaming?

But no —

The entire courtyard remained utterly quiet .

Something wasn’t right!

The two men exchanged concerned looks .

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Wait, where was the tall man? He hadn’t come out after going into the other room… nor was there any sound!

It was frighteningly quiet!

The two men exchanged looks . Just then —

The tall man that had rushed into Lady Xuanji’s room suddenly let out an ear-splitting scream .

“Ahhh —”

In the silent night, that scream sent chills down their spines .

What happened?!

Without thinking, the two assassins rushed into Feng Wu’s room at top speed!

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