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Chapter 1061: 1061
Chapter 1061 Assassination After Dark! Although he couldn’t see anything with his spiritual essence, he could still hear the sound of rhythmic breathing in the rooms next door . Chang San smirked . The people in this courtyard were no more capable than ants . What good would their efforts do?

Sitting cross-legged, Chang San started cultivating himself .

All of a sudden!

His eyes lit up!

The spiritual essence was so dense!

When he opened up his dantian to absorb the spiritual essence, he realized that the spiritual essence here was as dense as that of the crown prince’s residence, if not better .

What on earth was going on here?!

Chang San thought that it was an illusion, but soon saw that it wasn’t .

Not only was the spiritual essence dense, it was pure as well .

Rumble —

He then heard the faint crackling sound of spiritual essence . Had someone… made a breakthrough?

What a coincidence . Chang San was thinking this to himself, when he heard another faint sound of the fluctuation of spiritual essence .


If the first time was a coincidence, what about the next? Could that be a coincidence, too?

To Chang San’s surprise, there was a third sound!

He was lost for words .

Even if they were all low level cultivators, this was still way too fast . Were the people in this courtyard even human?

Since Chang San couldn’t figure it out, he decided to stop thinking .

He was going to try it himself .

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He closed his eyes, opened up his dantian, and entered the cultivation state . Soon —

He felt the pure, dense spiritual essence flooding in .

Chang San couldn’t believe it!

He thought he was starting to understand what Feng meant by this great opportunity .

He couldn’t get enough of the spiritual essence of Fallen Star Yard… This had to be an essence-gathering formation .

Chang San was right .

The Taiyi Formation wasn’t just a defensive formation . More importantly, it could gather spiritual essence for its hosts to use .

Chang San had an inkling that if he went on cultivating here, he might be able to break through that bottleneck that had been holding him back .

This was such a wonderful cultivation spot . One couldn’t find a better one in the entire imperial capital! Chang San could hardly contain his excitement!

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Just as he suppressed his excitement and was ready to put his mind to his cultivation, all of a sudden —

He sensed something aggressive in the air!

Interrupted, Chang San opened his eyes and looked displeased .

Three ghost-like shadows jumped over the wall and charged in like shooting stars!

They were fast!

Judging by their speed as they ran along the walls and roofs, Chang San was sure that these three people had reached perfection in the Spiritual Elder stage at the very least!

Feng Wu was only a Spiritual Grandmaster at the moment, and even one of these individuals would be enough to overpower her, let alone three!

Feng Wu was cultivating with her eyes closed when she heard Little Phoenix’s shrill voice in her ear . “We have company!”

Feng Wu’s eyes snapped open and shone coldly in the dark .

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Little Phoenix was right . They were under attack!

Rising to her feet, Feng Wu moved as fast as a streak of lightning . She hid herself in a dark corner before taking out a handful of golden needles!

The three figures were tall, short and fat respectively, and had quite distinctive features .

They ran in two directions as fast as they could .

They headed for Feng Wu’s and Lady Xuanji’s rooms!

Two went for Feng Wu and one ran toward Lady Xuanji’s room .

Feng Wu’s eyes glinted coldly .

As if targeting her wasn’t enough, they were going to attack her mother, too! That was more than Feng Wu could bear!

When the short and the fat men reached Feng Wu’s door, Feng Wu gripped her golden needles more tightly . At the same time, she quietly took a dagger out of her sleeve .

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