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Chapter 1058: 1058
Chapter 1058 He“s the Captain of the Guard of Fallen Star Yard

Feng Wu was back?!

Hearing the steward’s words, Feng Yanfeng and his family were dumbfounded .

They had decided to find a way to remove Feng Wu’s branch of the family from the Feng clan after His Royal Highness killed Feng Wu . Moreover… Feng Yanfeng even had some unspeakable plan for Lady Xuanji .

But now —

Feng Wu was back?

Feng Yanfeng and his family were all astonished!

However, when Feng Wu went up to them, they were even more surprised when they saw the person following her .

“G- General Chang!” Everyone stared at the person in disbelief!

Only two hours ago, the general had charged in with a team of guards from the crown prince’s manor, looking all mighty and awe-inspiring .

But now —

“Xiao Wu, you’re back . ” Something clicked in Feng Yanfeng’s head, and he changed his attitude right away, greeting her with a surprised smile on his face .

Feng Wu nodded and looked at the family suspiciously .

It was rather rare to see this branch of the family all gathered together . What evil plan had they come up with this time?

“Uncle, where are you going?” Judging by the direction in which they were headed, Feng Wu saw that they were going to Fallen Star Yard .

Of course Feng Yanfeng didn’t dare tell Feng Wu the truth . Moreover, General Chang was here, and it was only natural that Feng Yanfeng greeted him first .

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“General Chang, I apologize for not greeting you at the front gate . I hope you’re not offended . ” Feng Yanfeng smiled obsequiously .

Meanwhile, General Chang was… conflicted .

Only two hours ago, he was still General Chang of the crown prince’s residence, who answered to only one person . Even all the civil and military officials had to greet him respectfully .

But now… his master had changed to the unwanted fifth daughter of the Feng clan .

The fall in status was too huge for him to accept just yet .

General Chang threw a dirty look at Feng Yanfeng . “Master Feng, are you mocking me?”

“Mocking? Where did that come from?” Feng Yanfeng’s eyes widened . He was so confused .

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General Chang looked away .

Feng Wu glanced at General Chang . It seemed that Chang San wasn’t reconciled to Jun Linyuan’s decision to make him work for her . But he had no choice . He had to go with Feng Wu .

Feng Wu didn’t mind . She had all the time in the world, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she convinced Chang San .

Feng Wu grinned . “Uncle, he’s not General Chang anymore . Addressing him that way is mocking him . ”

“He’s not General Chang anymore, so…”

Feng Yanfeng was utterly surprised .

“Right now, he’s Chang San, the captain of the guard of my Fallen Star Yard,” said Feng Wu with a smile .

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“Bullshit!” Feng Liu stared at Feng Wu . “General Chang is the captain of His Royal Highness’s guards . He can’t be working for you! That’s preposterous!”

“What if it’s real?” Feng Wu smiled at Feng Liu . She didn’t mind playing Feng Liu a little .

Feng Liu wanted to say something, but Feng Yiran tugged at her to stop .

Not everyone in this branch of the family was a fool . Feng Yiran saw that General Chang kept silent after everything Feng Wu said, and his stomach lurched .

Feng Yiran said, “Is General Chang really your guard now?”

Feng Wu glanced at him . “What do you think?”

Feng Yiran frowned . “How?”

Feng Wu replied, “His Royal Highness gave him to me . ”

After that, Feng Wu turned to Chang San . “From now on, you’re only responsible for the safety of Fallen Star Yard . You don’t need to take orders from anyone else in this clan . ”

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