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Chapter 1059
Chapter 1059 Unbelievable! Chang San was frustrated and had an indecipherable look on his face, but he still gave Feng Wu a nod . So… it was true?

After Feng Wu led Chang San away, Feng Yanfeng and his family looked at one another in shock for a long time .

“How is that possible? This can’t be happening!” Feng Liu was the first to cry out . “He’s General Chang, His Royal Highness’s greatest right-hand man! Why would His Royal Highness give him away just like that?”

They were still in too great a shock to recover any time soon .

“Sister, didn’t you say that His Royal Highness was horrible to Feng Wu in Imperial College? You said he bullied her and humiliated her, right?” Feng Liu stared at Feng Sang .

Feng Sang nodded . “It’s true . Many of my classmates can attest to it . ”

“Then why did His Royal Highness have General Chang come back with Feng Wu?” Feng Liu couldn’t understand it .

“Is it possible that… His Royal Highness sent General Chang here to monitor her?” Feng Liu’s eyes lit up .

She refused to believe that His Royal Highness was into Feng Wu .

Feng Sang shook her head . “With His Royal Highness’s power, he doesn’t need to monitor her . He can just kill her . ”

“Then why?”

No one could figure it out, and they had distressed faces .

Feng Yanfeng looked around with an authoritative expression on his face, and he said with a snort, “Not a word about what we discussed before . Do you hear me?”

Before, they had been trying to figure out a way to remove Feng Wu’s family from the clan, but now… she had just brought General Chang back as the captain of her guard . What could they do now?

Feng Yiran and the others didn’t like it, but they had no choice but to accept this depressing fact .

“Anyway, there has to be something behind it!” Feng Liu clenched her fists .

In the Feng clan —

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People could tell how things were changing around the house .

That was why a lot of the servants began to talk .

“Have you noticed? Miss Wu is getting very self-important these days . ”

“You don’t say . That was the captain of His Royal Highness’s guards, and she brought him back . ”

“Do you think Miss Wu and His Royal Highness…”

“Don’t say stupid things! In any case, whether they are in a relationship or not, we can all see that the head of the clan treats Miss Wu with respect now . ”

“Do you remember? When the second branch of the family came back from Northern Border City six months ago, all they had was a single carriage . Lady Wang could crush them at any moment, but now, Lady Wang doesn’t even dare sneer at Feng Wu . ”

“I heard from some old members of the clan that the position of clan head should have belonged to Feng Wu’s family . ”

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Feng Wu had no idea of the servants’ reactions, but even if she did, she probably wouldn’t care .

Fallen Star Yard .

After Feng Wu was carried off, her family panicked . Chaoge ran next door to ask Grand Secretary Fang for help .

However, Grand Secretary Fang only smiled mildly . “Don’t worry . The girl will be back in no time . ”

Given how wise Grand Secretary Fang was, he was able to reach this conclusion based on what he knew .

He realized that the crown prince treated Feng Wu differently .

Jun Linyuan was an extremely rare genius, and Grand Secretary Fang saw great potential in him . He would love to see the crown prince become a couple with Feng Wu .

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But Grand Secretary Fang also realized that Chaoge knew nothing about it . She was furious when Grand Secretary Fang refused to help, and decided to go to the crown prince’s residence to help Feng Wu .

Before she could leave the house, Feng Wu came swaggering in .

“Xiao Wu, you’re back!” Chaoge threw herself at Feng Wu as soon as she saw the latter, and wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu’s waist .

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