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Chapter 1057: 1057
Chapter 1057 Feng Wu“s Back! Feng Wu went back to the Feng clan . Meanwhile in the Feng manor —

Because Feng Wu had been carried off, nearly everyone in the Feng clan thought that Feng Wu was doomed…

Especially Feng Sang and Feng Liu .

They were doing their best to spread the rumor .

“Feng Wu was taken away by the crown prince’s residence!”

“Feng Wu is so dead!”

“She’s never going to get out of there alive!”

Feng Yanfeng had a grim look on his face, and one couldn’t tell if he was pleased or not . He felt conflicted .

His current job position had been obtained through Feng Wu, and if she was dead, she wouldn’t be able to help him anymore .

And she had offended His Royal Highness —

“With Feng Wu dead, we won’t have to see that eyesore pop up everywhere . ” Lady Wang was thrilled, and she said to Feng Yanfeng, “Master, don’t you think that our branch of the family has had bad luck ever since Feng Wu came back to the imperial capital from the northern border?”

Feng Yanfeng gave it some thought and realized that that was indeed the case .

From Feng Liu and Feng Sang to his wife and himself…

“If I’m guessing correctly, Feng Wu has to be behind all this!” Lady Wang snorted .

Feng Liu and the others nodded .

“Now that Feng Wu has been carried off, there’s no doubt that she’ll die a miserable death . We have to make sure that His Royal Highness doesn’t turn his anger on us…” Lady Wang looked eagerly at Feng Yanfeng . “Master, I have a suggestion, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate . ”

Feng Yanfeng glanced at his wife . “With everything that has happened, propriety is the last thing I’m concerned about . Speak!”

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“How about… we remove Feng Wu’s name from our clan tree?” said Lady Wang slowly .

“Remove her name?!”

Lady Wang went on, “Master, it’s His Royal Highness that Feng Wu offended . If the crown prince lashes out at us… This clan has already weakened, and we can’t afford more accidents . ”

Feng Yanfeng gritted his teeth . “That…”

Seeing that Feng Yanfeng was relenting, Lady Wang shot a glance at her children .

Lady Wang was so worried!

Five years ago, when Zuo Qingluan did that thing to Feng Wu, Lady Wang and her children had all been part of the scheme . One could say that they were part of the reason that Feng Wu was crippled .

That was why Lady Wang blanched when she learned that Feng Wu had gotten her ability back . She had been on edge ever since, and didn’t dare leave the house .

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“Father, please remove Feng Wu’s family from this clan . They’ll only incriminate us!”

“Father, Feng Wu is never coming back . And in her family, her mother could potentially be trouble . We have to get rid of her!”

Lady Wang’s eyes lit up . “Who knows when she’ll go wild again? Master, when she’s in that state, she’s so strong that even you…”

Feng Yanfeng was reminded of how Lady Xuanji had thrown him around, and his face turned scarlet red!

He smacked the table!

All eyes were on him .

“Alright!” There was a malicious look in Feng Yanfeng’s eyes . “Just to be safe, let’s wait until we receive news from the crown prince’s residence . ”

Feng Wu was like a cat with nine lives . She just wouldn’t die! Every time they thought she was dead, she would show up unexpectedly . That was why Feng Yanfeng decided to be more cautious .

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“I’ll send someone to ask around . ” Feng Yiran turned to leave .

Just then, hasty footsteps came from outside .

It was the steward of the house .

“Master! I’ve got great news! Great news!” The steward ran as fast as his doddering legs would let him .

Feng Yanfeng and his family all rose to their feet . “What news?”

Had Feng Wu been executed?!

The steward’s forehead was covered with sweat, and he smiled as he gasped for breath . “Miss Wu is back! And not only that, she’s —”

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