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Published at 24th of August 2020 03:40:08 AM
Chapter 1054: 1054
Chapter 1054 Hey, Jun Linyuan! Stay Away From Me! “Do you think you can come and go just like that?” There was a cold look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes all of a sudden, and he swept his wide sleeve through the air . Thump!

A white ice wall fell down from above, blocking Feng Wu’s way .

Caught by surprise, Feng Wu almost bumped into it .

Damn it!

Feng Wu knitted her pretty eyebrows .

Right now, she had already left the study and was in the open courtyard . If one direction was blocked, she could always choose another one .

Instead of going forward, Feng Wu turned west . She decided to jump over the wall .

However, she was only able to take a few steps after she had to change direction .


Another ice wall fell down and blocked Feng Wu’s way . Feng Wu’s nose almost knocked into it!

“Jun Linyuan!”

Feng Wu was furious! How could he do that?!

Resting his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan stood proudly in the courtyard, the lower hem of his clothes flapping in the air .

His white clothes were a stark contrast to the red in his eyes, which flickered with an intimidating light in them!

His clothes floated airily above the ground and fluttered with the wind .

He stood there with his hands tucked in his wide sleeves . Here in this empire, he could take a person out with a flick of his wrist, eliminating anyone that got in his way!

He wielded the ultimate power!

And everyone treated him with utmost respect!

But now, Feng Wu charged at Jun Linyuan, stomping all the way, and glared at him .

“Jun Linyuan, what the hell do you want?”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu without saying a word .

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Feng Wu said, “Since you didn’t invite me here, I can go if I want to, right?”

Jun Linyuan nodded .

Feng Wu turned east, but —


Another ice wall fell from above, almost smashing into Feng Wu .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

This was outrageous!

Even with her mild temper, she couldn’t hold back her fury any longer .

Four of the three directions in this spacious courtyard were blocked by ice walls; she was essentially enclosed in an open-ended ice cube that was three by three meters in size – there was even a ceiling, which made it impossible for Feng Wu to jump out .

Her only way out was through Jun Linyuan .

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Feng Wu sensed something dangerous in Jun Linyuan’s eyes, and she was alarmed . No, she couldn’t stay here anymore .

“Look . What’s that?” Feng Wu pointed at the sky .

When Jun Linyuan looked up, Feng Wu used all her strength and rushed toward him, trying to slip past him!

That was how she had gotten away last time .

But today —


Feng Wu felt as if she had bumped into a chest made of stone . She could see stars, and felt giddy and dazzled .

Despite the pain, Feng Wu looked up with teary eyes to meet Jun Linyuan’s brooding black ones .

There was no warmth in them . He reminded her of death itself, and the pressure he was giving off was enough to give anyone the creeps .

Feng Wu stumbled back involuntarily .

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However, the domineering crown prince pressed closer .


The last ice wall fell down, cutting off Feng Wu’s last escape route .

“Hey, Jun Linyuan! Stay away from me!”

The look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes was so frightening that they seemed to be covered in a dark red color . He kept his unblinking gaze on her .

It was as if she was prey, and he was the patient hunter!

Feng Wu kept backing away, and His Royal Highness kept closing in on her .

Because they were in the courtyard, all eyes in the residence turned in their direction .

The white walls had created an enclosure in the yard, but they couldn’t shut out the voices inside . Everyone was able to hear what they were saying .

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