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Published at 24th of August 2020 03:20:06 PM
Chapter 1055: 1055
Chapter 1055 What Are Your Terms, Jun Linyuan? Although no one dared to go and see what was happening, it was human nature to be inquisitive . Even Feng and Granny Gong couldn’t help but strain their necks and prick up their ears .

Granny Gong asked, “Did His Royal Highness come back to his senses all of a sudden?”

Feng wasn’t as optimistic . “I don’t think so . ”

Granny Gong looked up at the sky . “Speaking of which, as soon as Miss Feng Wu got here, the clouds over our house automatically disappeared . ”

The crown prince himself was the core of the formation set up in his residence . When he was in a grim mood, the sky above the house would be just as dark .

Feng looked at Chang San, who had fallen out of the sky and was spitting up blood a few steps away, and shook his head . “Get Gu Er from the imperial guards here . ”

Inside the enclosed ice walls .

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan with a flustered look on her face . “Wh- what do you want?”

The look on the crown prince’s face was grim . “What do you think?”

As he spoke, Jun Linyuan put his slender hands on Feng Wu’s shoulders and gave her a half-smile .

“Since you’re already here, if I don’t do something to you now, Chang San’s death would be for nothing, wouldn’t it?”

Jun Linyuan had leaned in so close that Feng Wu could feel his hot breath on her skin .

Feng Wu was rarely terrified, but she could detect arousal in Jun Linyuan’s eyes, which were so close .

Her stomach lurched . This wasn’t good!

Did he want to… right here in the courtyard…

She was in his territory, and he was much too prominent and powerful for her to handle .

Although she was making unbelievable progress, she was but an ant in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

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Jun Linyuan’s fingers were already touching the front of Feng Wu’s clothes, and she could sense the heat in his hands . Her heart was pounding!

Wait . What did he say? Chang San’s death?

“Are you going to kill Chang San?” Grabbing Jun Linyuan’s advancing hands, Feng Wu opened her eyes wide!

Jun Linyuan smirked . “He disobeyed his master and made an arbitrary decision . What other punishment does he deserve?”

Feng Wu had struggled throughout her life, but she respected lives, and didn’t trample on them .

But now, she could see that other people were merely ants in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

She had doubted before when other people called him cold and merciless, but she understood now .

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “What if I tell you that I won’t let that happen?”

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Jun Linyuan sneered at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu’s head spun with thoughts .

From the way Jun Linyuan put it, Chang San wouldn’t be in his service anymore, and had to die .

However, despite the rude way Chang San had brought her here, Feng Wu didn’t think that was worth the death penalty .

“No one will employ him after I fire him!” Jun Linyuan sneered .

“I will . How about you give him to me?” The more Feng Wu thought about it, the more excited she became!

What was the one thing she lacked? Power!

She needed the extra manpower to protect her family and Fallen Star Yard . As the chief of Jun Linyuan’s guards, Chang San would be perfect for the job .

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The Zuo family still wanted to kill her, and with Chang San’s protection… Feng Wu was so thrilled that she grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hands and looked at him with bright, sparkling eyes .

“Give Chang San to me! Jun Linyuan, make an offer! Anything!” Feng Wu patted her chest, looking all confident .

Feng could hear Feng Wu’s voice, too .

Granny Gong praised Feng Wu . “Our future lady of the house is merciful and knows right from wrong . I like that . ”

Feng darted a look at Granny Gong .

Even someone as smart as Granny Gong had missed it . This had been a trap set by His Royal Highness, and everything was going to plan .

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