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Chapter 1053
Chapter 1053 I Don“t Ever Want to See You Again!

By then, Jun Linyuan had finally come back to himself, and with a flick of his fingers, the Immortal-Restraining Rope wrapped around Feng Wu broke into pieces and fell all over the floor .

And the color of Feng Wu’s face —

Her face had already turned a purplish red .

“Bah —”

She spat out the rope that had been stuffed into her mouth .

After rinsing her mouth, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan with eyes that could spit fire . She then rushed at Jun Linyuan at full speed .

Even His Royal Highness couldn’t help but cringe when faced with the girl who resembled a cannonball .

“Jun Linyuan!” Standing in front of him, Feng Wu saw red .

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

The intimidating, life-threatening air around him had vanished to be replaced by a look of embarrassment .

“Have I offended you somehow? Why did you have me kidnapped?!”

Jun Linyuan said, “Um…”

Feng Wu pressed forward, and His Royal Highness stumbled back .

Feng Wu said, “What’s your problem?! Did you have to see me that desperately?! Couldn’t you have invited me nicely? Did you have to tie me up in a bundle and carry me all the way here in broad daylight? Do you even care about my dignity?!”

Jun Linyuan said, “Um…”

Watching from the side, General Chang was astonished!


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His young master, the domineering, arrogant, and relentless crown prince, was losing ground to Feng Wu?

Moreover, his eyes couldn’t stop darting around diffidently when faced with Feng Wu’s questioning, and he wouldn’t meet her eyes .

He was intimidated?!

The crown prince that would eliminate anyone who stood up to him wasn’t supposed to give in to anyone!

General Chang thought the world had gone insane .

No, he himself had gone insane…

Although Feng had reminded him that His Royal Highness was fond of Miss Feng Wu, Chang San had always thought it was no more than a fling…

Oh god…

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Recalling how rude he had been when he invited Feng Wu here, Chang San felt a chill run down his spine . He turned to flee the scene .

However, as soon as he moved, Jun Linyuan turned his intense gaze on him .

“Stop!” The crown prince’s stare was emotionless and as sharp as a blade .

“Your Royal Highness —” Realizing that his conduct wouldn’t go unpunished, Chang San got down on his knees .

“Who told you to bring her here?” Jun Linyuan gave off a frighteningly cold air .

So, Jun Linyuan hadn’t known about this, and Feng Wu had misunderstood him? Feng Wu turned to stare at Chang San .

Chang San pleaded for mercy . “Your Royal Highness, I thought you wanted to see Miss Feng Wu, so I took the liberty to invite her here —”

“When did I say I wanted to see her?!” Angry and embarrassed, the crown prince raised a foot toward Chang San .

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Poor Chang San . He was kicked away immediately!

He flew out of the room and disappeared from sight .

Jun Linyuan turned his black eyes on Feng Wu . “Did you see that?”

Feng Wu snorted . “Even if it wasn’t your doing, it doesn’t change the fact that he works for you . Jun Linyuan, you can’t shirk responsibility like that . ”

Jun Linyuan asked, “What do you want me to do, then?”

Feng Wu heaved a sigh . What an undeserved catastrophe . She had done nothing but mind her own business .

Crossing her arms behind her back, Feng Wu said, “I don’t want anything . I just don’t want to ever see you again!”

She had learned that she could find leads on the second broken star piece from Old Xuanyuan, so she didn’t need anything from Jun Linyuan anymore!

At that thought, Feng Wu snorted and promptly turned to leave .

However, she didn’t notice that at her words, the crown prince’s face had turned livid right away .

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