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Chapter 1052: 1052
Chapter 1052 Jun Linyuan! “Did he kidnap her to become his concubine?” Feng Liu said with flickering eyes as she bit her lower lip . Feng Sang looked at her . “Do you mean…”

Feng Liu’s face turned grim . “His Royal Highness will never get over what Feng Wu did to him . His only option now is to humilate Feng Wu and torture her to death . Only then will he be able to vent all his anger . ”

Feng Liu shook her head . “I’m afraid… Feng Wu is never coming back . ”

A beauty who had perished…

Those words came to their minds right away .

Feng Wu didn’t know that Feng Liu and the others already saw her as a dead person…

Right now, she was feeling utterly frustrated!

These abominable guards!

As if tying her up wasn’t enough, they had done so in the fashion of a traditional Chinese rice pudding, and she was carried over someone’s shoulder as the guards rode along the streets on horseback .

Anyone with eyes saw it .

She was so humiliated . Luckily, her face was covered as well, and she hoped no one had eyes sharp enough to recognize her .

However, cold air filled her lungs on the ride, and it was awful .

Jun Linyuan!

Feng Wu blamed Jun Linyuan for everything .

When General Chang cheerfully carried the bundled up Feng Wu to the study —

Feng couldn’t help but give it a second look . “What’s that?”

General Chang couldn’t wait to take credit for his achievement . “Mr Feng, didn’t you say that it was better for the doer to undo what they did? Here comes the doer . ”

Feng looked astonished .

Before he could react, General Chang had marched into the study with Feng Wu the rectangular bundle under his arm .

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Feng was speechless .

He had never looked so anxious before .

Granny Gong was equally shocked . The two old servants exchanged astonished looks . Then —

They involuntarily moved away from the study until they were a hundred meters away . Only then did they turn around and give Chang San sympathetic looks .

“Do you think… we’ll ever see Chang San alive again?” Even someone as experienced as Granny Gong had a hard time accepting this reality .

Feng rubbed his forehead . “I think we’ll be needing a new chief of the guards . ”

In the study .

Hearing the noise, Jun Linyuan turned around, and his black pupils contracted . The energy he gave off was frighteningly cold .

General Chang tossed Feng Wu on the ground, then saluted the crown prince . “Your Royal Highness, I brought you Miss Feng Wu . Please find the enclosed subject . ”

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Feng Wu?

Jun Linyuan’s pupils contracted .

The enclosed subject?

Under the rope, Feng Wu was astonished .

“Hm —”

Tied up from head to toe, Feng Wu wriggled violently . One could sense her fury even through the thick rope layers .

Dumbfounded, Jun Linyuan was still trying to digest this piece of information .

“Hm! Jun Linyuan! Let me out!”

Feng Wu was so furious that she thought she was going to burn a hole in herself with her fury .

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Only then did Jun Linyuan finally come back to himself .

If the look on his face had been stern before, it had just turned into embarrassment .

Jun Linyuan gave General Chang an indecipherable look .

Meanwhile, General Chang was very pleased with himself!

According to Feng, His Royal Highness was in love with Miss Feng Wu, which was where his bad mood had come from . Now that Chang San had brought her here, His Royal Highness hadn’t gotten angry right away .

As for how he had brought her here… Why did it matter? The result was the most important thing .

“Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu bellowed .

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