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Chapter 1051: 1051
Chapter 1051 Abducted However, not only didn’t Chang San talk back, he even repeatedly apologized to Feng Wu? What was going on here?Feng Wu stared at Chang San . “Then what are you doing here?”

Recalling the depressing atmosphere in the crown prince’s residence, Chang San was about to say something, when he turned his head to look at the baffled Feng Liu and her family .

Eyes brooding and face emotionless, General Chang asked, “Master Feng, isn’t there somewhere else you need to be?”

Feng Yanfeng almost lost his temper at those words .

What was that supposed to mean? Where else should he be? This General Chang showed him no respect whatsoever!

However, despite his grievance, Feng Yanfeng still smiled obsequiously . “Yes, General Chang, I won’t bother you anymore . ”

Feng Yanfeng shot Feng Sang and Feng Liu warning glances on his way out .

As reluctant as Feng Sang and Feng Liu were, they had no choice but to follow their father out .

Feng Wu stared at Chang San .

Chang San gave Feng Wu a broad smile as soon as Feng Yanfeng left . “Miss Feng Wu, sorry for the intrusion . I didn’t mean to offend you . ”

Since Feng Wu despised Jun Linyuan, she wasn’t very amiable toward Chang San either . She waved at him impatiently . “I don’t need your apology, as long as you leave me alone . Please leave . ”

Chang San smiled at Feng Wu, but wouldn’t move .

Feng Wu glowered . “Why are you still here?”

Chang San said, “Miss Wu, please come with me to His Royal Highness’s residence . ”

“What if I say no?” Feng Wu snorted .

She wasn’t blind . She could tell that Chang San hesitated for a brief moment .

“Miss Wu, are you really not going?”

“No!” Feng Wu snorted .

Rising to his feet, Chang San looked at Feng Wu with a stern look on his face . If soft talk wouldn’t work, he would have to resort to sheer force .

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“If that’s the case —” Chang San shot a glance at his men .


All four men dashed toward Feng Wu!

Guards of the crown prince’s residence were all capable men, and these four had been chosen from the imperial guard!

They were Spiritual Elders!

Feng Wu was shocked!

Despite their ordinary appearance, every single one of these guards was a Spiritual Elder!

Feng Wu was only a Level 6 Spiritual Grandmaster now, and she was far from their match . She was subdued in no time .

“Miss Wu, sorry about this . ” Chang San tossed out an Immortal-Restraining Rope .

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It was just a thin rope, but seemed to be full of spiritual essence . It then wrapped around Feng Wu like a spiritual snake!

Instantly, Feng Wu was tied up in a bundle .

The four guards then held Feng Wu high above their heads!

It might sound like it took a long while, but the whole process from the guards charging out to Feng Wu getting tied up happened in less than a minute .

“Let’s go —” With a wave of his hand, Chang San led his men out .

Duan Chaoge and the others were furious . However, as soon as they rushed out, General Chang waved his hand .

Thump —

Duan Chaoge and the others fell back to the ground .

Pressing her hand to her chest, Chaoge tried to rush out again, but Feng Wu stopped her . “Chaoge, stop!”

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Chang San could be relentless, and Feng Wu didn’t want Chaoge to take unnecessary risks .

Chang San and his men were efficient . In a matter of moments, they left the Feng manor, jumped onto their horses, and rushed toward the crown prince’s residence!

Feng Yanfeng, Feng Liu, and Feng Sang looked at one another in bewilderment .


Judging by General Chang’s attitude, he seemed nice toward Feng Wu, but why had he carried her off all of a sudden?

“Exactly what does His Royal Highness think of Feng Wu?” Feng Yanfeng was dumbfounded .

He wouldn’t know how to treat Feng Wu unless he knew what the crown prince thought of her .

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