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Chapter 1050: 1050
Chapter 1050 That Doesn“t Seem Right… Chaoge didn’t reply, for she had been cultivating and had no idea where Xiao Wu went . “Did Feng Wu get wind of this and go into hiding?” Feng Liu snorted .

Chaoge asked, “Get wind of what? Why should she hide?”

Feng Liu said, “Duan Chaoge, don’t tell me you don’t know who this gentleman is . Let me enlighten you . This is General Chang, and he works for His Royal Highness! And now, General Chang is here to arrest Feng Wu . She must have heard of this somehow, and absconded to avoid punishment! I pity you lot here . You know nothing when Feng Wu has abandoned you all . ”

“Abscond? Arrest? Those are some bold statements . ”

A calm voice came from inside the house .

They looked up to find the slim and graceful teenage girl smiling at them with her arms crossed .

Her face glowed like peach blossoms in March, and the careless smile on her face wasn’t the expression of one who was going to be arrested at all . She was neither nervous nor did she panic .

Feng Liu smirked when she saw Feng Wu . “Karma is a b*tch, and retribution will come eventually . Feng Wu, your time is up!”

“Is that so?” Feng Wu gave her a half-smile .

“Xiao Wu…” The beautiful lady had walked out of the house when no one was looking, and she nervously took Feng Wu’s hand . There was panic in her eyes .

She was worried about Feng Wu .

Feng Wu noticed that her mother’s exquisite face was utterly white .

She then recalled what happened the other day, and looked pained . She felt sorry for her mother .

When the beautiful lady went berserk, she was stunning, spectacular, and unbelievably powerful . However, she had been completely worn out after she fainted, and had only gotten better in the past few days .

Feng Wu knew that entering such a berserk state came at a price, and for her mother, that price was her health .

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Of course, she wouldn’t let something like that happen to her mother again .

Staring at Chang San, Feng Wu looked displeased, and her face darkened .

Chang San’s stomach lurched .

“I’m fine . Mum, don’t worry . Granny Zhao, help my mother inside . ”

What annoyed Feng Wu was the fact that these people kept coming here uninvited and started pointing fingers at her right away .

How dare they?!

Feng Liu was still nagging, but Feng Wu ignored her completely .

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With an emotionless face, Feng Wu went straight to Chang San and stared at him with her cold eyes . Her thin red lips reminded him of blood .

Glaring at General Chang, Feng Wu snorted . “Chang San, how dare you break into my Fallen Star Yard?!”

Just arrest her!

Feng Sang and Feng Liu looked expectantly at Chang San, hoping to see him act as arrogantly as when he had first arrived .

However —

To everyone’s surprise, Chang San didn’t reply . He kept silent .

“Did Jun Linyuan send you here to arrest me?” The thought of Jun Linyuan made Feng Wu want to snap .

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Feng Yanfeng glowered at Feng Wu, astonished by how bold the girl had become . She had just referred to the crown prince by name . Surely General Chang would punish her for that!

However, Chang San only said, “No, it’s not like that . His Royal Highness doesn’t know I’m here . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Then what are you doing here? To show off how powerful you are?”

Chang San waved his hands repeatedly . “No, of course not . How can someone as petty as me do that in front of you, Miss Wu? It’s just a misunderstanding, a big misunderstanding…”


Feng Liu and Feng Sang, who had been excited to see what was going to happen next, exchanged astonished looks .

That didn’t seem right…

General Chang had been so domineering earlier, and hadn’t even shown their father much respect…

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