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Chapter 105: Is It Possible to Refine the Pill?

As he was speaking, Old Man Ba was pulling Feng Wu into the pill refining room. "Really! I've already carefully and meticulously researched the ancient pill formula that you left here before. It's feasible in theory, but there are still problems when it comes to actual practice. I also added the Star Devil Grass according to the proportion and timing that you've mentioned, but I don't know where the problem is. Go go go, let's talk about this inside——"

If there's really such a thing as a martial arts nerd on this continent, then Old Man Ba was absolutely a pill nerd.

Any person, any matter, can only move aside when he's refining pills.

The butler saw how his master earnestly asked Miss Fifth Feng for advice, and he couldn't help but laugh bitterly. If this was spoken of outside, who'd believe that this grand, reclusive pill refining master, Old Man Ba, would ask Miss Feng, who's known as a cripple, for guidance?

Also, who'd believe that the Feng family's fifth daughter not only calmly accepted this, in addition, terminology that others wouldn't understand gushed casually from her mouth?

This scene, no matter one looked at it, it was just too abnormal……

The old butler laughed bitterly as he shook his head. It would seem that City Lord Bi would need to wait for a long time.

The problem which perplexed Old Man Ba actually wasn't very difficult. After Feng Wu pointed out a few things, Old Man Ba suddenly became enlightened!

"So it turned out that the Eight Star Grass needed to be shredded! Fortunately, I was reminded by you!"

Elder Ba excitedly slapped Feng Wu's slim shoulder with his big hand. "This girl, so young, how do you know so much? How can a normal person call to mind that Eight Star Grass needed to be shredded?"

Feng Wu proudly stuck out her chest.

Was she to blame for having the most awesome beautiful master in all of the continent?

The things her beautiful master knew was much more extensive and wasn't merely limited to techniques for refining pills.

The suddenly enlightened Old Man Ba was preparing to put theory into practice as he took the ancient formula that Feng Wu gave him and——energetically processed the medicinal herbs for refining.

Just at this moment, the sound of footsteps transmitted from outside——

"Master, Master——"

It was the old butler's voice again.

Suddenly, Old Man Ba even had the heart to kill people! Didn't he already say that when he was refining pills, no one was allowed to disturb him!

Feng Wu suddenly spoke. "The old butler naturally knows of your character, yet he still came looking for you. Must be something unusual, so you'd better go and take care of it, alright? Otherwise, if you're disturbed half way through, everything will be ruined."

Old Man Ba was still not too willing, but he let go of his doubts with difficulty. How could he be willing to leave the pill refining room?

As the door opened, the old butler quickly entered and said something quietly by Old Man Ba's ear.

Old Man Ba creased his brows and sighed a long sigh, untied the pill refining apron before he threw the white colored garment that was draped on him to the old butler. He left without saying anything.

Feng Wu watched Old Man Ba's departing back as a suspicion appeared in her mind……it would seem that the guest who came this time had much greater influence than City Lord Bi.

However, Feng Wu certainly didn't have time to think of other things——

The reason why she persuaded Old Man Ba to leave just now was precisely because she wanted to properly refine her Nine Reversal Spirit Pill after he left!


Feng Wu moved forward and closed the door to the pill refining room. In addition, she flipped over the big lock before she returned to the pill refining cauldron again.

Such a big pill refining cauldron. At its center was a clear, transparent, dark green spout. The valve opened and a red-orange colored flame blazed from the spout.

As the spout turned downwards, four molded white jade dragons with bronze heads, each with a spout facing north, south, east, and west started to smoke as well as flames gushed forth.

Feng Wu turned on a cyan colored lever at the very top layer and a ten meter square space appeared before her.

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