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Chapter 106: Completely, Ruined!

This pill cauldron was the most precious one among Old Man Ba's many pill cauldrons. Ordinarily, when he refined pills, he wouldn't lightly make use of it. However, Feng Wu couldn't be bothered about it much right now. Everything served her most important goal, refining the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill.

All of the principal materials and supplementary materials were carried on Feng Wu's person. Moreover, they'd already been cleaned, cut and processed.

Looking at those neatly arranged main and supplementary medicinal ingredients, Feng Wu sucked in a deep breath……all of her efforts during the last five years came down to this one procedure. If she failed……she didn't know at what year, at what month, it would be before she could prepare all of these materials again next time.

That's why, no matter what, she must succeed!

Feng Wu secretly clenched her fists, then opened her eyes. An unprecedented seriousness and gravity resided in her eyes.

She first placed one of the main ingredients, the Wintry Crow Demon Blood, into the pill cauldron. After she boiled the Wintry Crow Demon Blood, Feng Wu then put in the giant Horned Blood Bee's queen bee that had been frozen in advance. Then after that……

Her pair of as fine as jade hands and fingers methodically added the medicinal ingredients inside, steadily, as if she's doing something she'd done every time.

Actually, this matter concerned her entire life and future!

She absolutely couldn't afford to fail……

There were forty four kinds of main ingredients and ninety-nine kinds of supplementary ingredients……after each kind of medicinal ingredient was blended into the medicinal concoction, countless permutations would take place, one became two, two became four, four became eight……endless continuous changes!

On Feng Wu's bright and clean forehead, a thin layer of perspiration percolated.

However, she didn't even have time to wipe her sweat, allowing the sweat to condense into soybean sized beads, following which, they rolled down her pair of pink cheeks, soaking her clothes.

However, Feng Wu completely didn't pay them any heed, as she concentrated all of her attention on the pill cauldron. That pair of clear, penetrating, bright eyes blinked a couple of times, focused to the extreme.

Feng Wu fixed her attention on the situation inside the pill cauldron at all times. Even though a little bit of a crisis appeared from time to time, fortunately, her master trained her super harshly in those days, sharpening her skills to the level of a pill refining master. Each step was taken meticulously, to the point of perfection. Therefore——

Feng Wu finally understood now how painstakingly thoughtful her master was.

During each advancing step in the pill refining process, she focused on observing the smallest of details and averted disasters.

Her white jade-like fingers methodically added the medicinal ingredients. Thirty five out of forty-four kinds of main ingredients had already been added, eighty supplemental medicinal ingredients had also been added……

As the end drew near, the medical essences that were synthesized became increasingly complex and it also became increasingly difficult to control them.

Right at this time, the sound of footsteps transmitted from outside.

Step step step——

Step step step——

The sound of knocks on the door.

Feng Wu's fair and jade-like forehead puckered. Her thinking process was forcefully interrupted!

When she was about to yell, suddenly, Old Man Ba's voice transmitted from outside. "Young girl, open the door. An honored guest has come."

Honored guest? Feng Wu hadn't spoken before she heard a familiar voice. "Hey! What the heck are you doing in there? It's been practically half a day and you're still not opening the door? If you were incubating eggs, it'd be enough to incubate an entire nest."

This familiar voice!

The hand Feng Wu was using to add a supplemental medicinal ingredient instantly trembled!

Feng Xun!

This totally unconcealed voice clearly belonged to that loud-mouthed, noisy and silly youngster, Feng Xun!

Feng Xun definitely wouldn't be considered an honored guest by Old Man Ba!

In that case, who's the person who's considered to be an honored guest by Old Man Ba? !

The answer was already clear in the next breath!

Feng Wu looked at the Immortal Spirit Fruit juice she was holding that she was getting ready to pour in, and her heart almost jumped out of her throat!

Completely, ruined!

(Author's note: PS: Y'all guess, will the evil Xiao Nuan (author's name) allow Little Fifth to successfully refine the pill? Mm~~ requesting your recommendations, haha~)

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