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Chapter 104: Just Keep Pretending

Without waiting for Feng Wu to respond, Old Man Ba impatiently spoke. "Hurry hurry, a few days ago, I encountered a knotty problem, if you still haven't come, this old man would've gone to your house to find you, come come come——"

Who knew? This old fellow, whose impressive fame very few can compare with in the entire Martial Lord Empire, actually displayed an attitude of asking for guidance in Feng Wu's presence.

Feng Wu was going to use Old Man Ba's pill refining room, so she gladly agreed.

Just as the two people were going to go indoors, suddenly, a burst of footsteps transmitted from the outside.

There wasn't anyone else at Old Man Ba's home. There was only an old butler who took care of his everyday needs.

The old butler came in to report. "The City Lord's coming, Master please look——"

Feng Wu's eyes constricted slightly, City Lord Bi?

Old Man Ba's brows knitted as he spewed. "This City Lord is so annoying, he runs to my place practically everyday, each time without any real business to speak of. Tell me, isn't he just holding up my work? What's wrong with just letting me do a bit of work?"

Feng Wu covered her mouth and smiled ironically. Such an old kid, really an old kid, Senior Ba was truly sometimes just like a kid.

City Lord Bi was the city lord of Northern Territory City. In other people's eyes, how high was the city lord's status, what kind of honor was it for him to pay a personal visit? Yet Old Man Ba avoided him to no end.

Feng Wu smilingly said. "City Lord Bi probably came because of his son's illness, right?"

Old Man Ba shot a glance at Feng Wu. "Tell me, this child, aren't you just too wicked."

Feng Wu's eyebrows raised. "I'm a law abiding, gentle and soft, good and honest, naive and guiltless good girl. Elder Ba, you shouldn't slander me."

Elder Ba shot a glance at Feng Wu in a displeased manner. "Your face is that of a naive, innocent, harmless, gentle and adorable little girl. If anyone truly believes in this face of yours, they won't know they've been tricked to death by you even till the end. Girl, no one can be more devious, more cunning than you."

Feng Wu placed her hands on her hips, unable to accept this. "No way!"

"No way? Why don't you check your conscience before speaking. That son from the Bi family actually wasn't born so retarded. How did he become so retarded later on? Do you dare to claim that it has nothing to do with you?" Old Man Ba continued unhappily. "That boy was ****obsessed. He had the cheek to make plans against you. To be taught a lesson by you was understandable, however, it isn't as if there aren't capable people in the empire. There are actually two or three people who're ranked a level higher than me in terms of pill refining. Do you dare to guarantee that City Lord Bi won't ever beg for their help?"

A chilly glint appeared within Feng Wu's pupils.

Five years ago, they were thrown out to Northern Territory City, a family of three consisting of only women and children. One was a woman known to be an unmatched beauty in Martial Lord Empire, her beautiful mother; she, whose cultivation was crippled; and her simple, harmless younger brother……three words were branded on all three of their foreheads: 'Easy to bully'.

At that time, Bi Liang Dong appeared and made both promises and threats against Feng Wu. His methods were cruel and merciless, simply making her wish she could choke him to death.

That's why Feng Wu secretly made her move, turning Bi Liang Dong into an idiot.

It's just that this matter……besides Feng Wu, no one else knew about it. Even Old Man Ba was only guessing, that's all.

If City Lord Bi knew that the main culprit who caused his son to become retarded was……

Feng Wu's whole face radiated naivety and innocence. "Even if City Lord Bi found his way to them for help, so what? It still has nothing to do with me."

"Just keep pretending." Old Man Ba shot a displeased glance at Feng Wu.

"Master……" The old butler was standing by his side reminding him.

Old Man Ba waved his hand unhappily. "Since he wants to wait, just let him wait outside. Just tell him that your master, I, am refining pills. No one is allowed to disturb me!"

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