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Chapter 1047: 1047
Chapter 1047 His Royal Highness All the time she spent in the Taiyi formation paid off . After Feng Wu started cultivating, she felt the spiritual energy flow freely into her body without any hindrance at all . The spiritual essence ran into her body like mischievous fairies . She couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to .

Feng Wu was a Level 6 Spiritual Grandmaster, and after three days, she reached perfection at that level . She was that close to making a breakthrough .

But to achieve that required serendipity, and Feng Wu was stuck . The breakthrough just wouldn’t happen .

Feng Wu stopped cultivating and opened her eyes .

Right after that, she met Grand Secretary Fang’s knowing eyes, which still had a surprised look in them that he wasn’t quick enough to hide .

“You’re about to make a breakthrough again?” Grand Secretary Fang looked at Feng Wu in amazement .

He had never seen a kid make such swift progress . She had only just leveled up, but she was ready to move on to the next level again .

Feng Wu smiled . “The Taiyi formation is as amazing as it’s said to be . It only takes me half the time to cultivate . ”

Feng Wu had thought that it would be a while before she reached the Spiritual Elder stage . As it turned out, she didn’t have to wait that long .

A Spiritual Elder… That was what Zuo Qingluan was now .

Just then, there was knocking on the door outside .

Feng Wu looked at Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment .

Grand Secretary Fang frowned . “It’s them again . ”

“Them?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

Grand Secretary Fang frowned a little and didn’t reply . Steward Fang answered with a wry smile, “Ever since my old master’s sensational breakthrough, a lot more people started visiting us . It used to be very quiet here . ”

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Feng Wu could see why that was the case . After his retirement, Grand Secretary Fang had had far less visitors . However, now that he had been promoted to principal of Imperial College, and with his capability now on par with Mr Lu’s, it was only natural that more people would start to show up .

It was just that Grand Secretary Fang had turned all of them away to have some peace and quiet .

Since the Taiyi formation extended all the way to encompass Fallen Star Yard, Feng Wu could cultivate at home as well . Qiuling, Uncle Qiu, and Chaoge were all absorbing the spiritual essence and working on their cultivation there .

Feng Wu came back to Fallen Star Yard to find the place very quiet . Everyone was working hard .

As she was free at the moment, which was very rare, Feng Wu sat down under the grape trellis and considered her current situation .

Since she had found the first broken star piece, it was time she started looking for the second one .

Feng Wu couldn’t wait to get all the pieces .

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But… where could the second piece be? Feng Wu had no idea at all, but she faintly recalled that Jun Linyuan had mentioned that it was in Imperial College .

Feng Wu couldn’t sit still anymore . She ran next door to Grand Secretary Fang .

“Broken star pieces?” Grand Secretary Fang frowned .

Feng Wu asked, “Have you never heard of them?”

Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . “As a matter of fact, I haven’t… Are they very important?”

Feng Wu seldom looked this serious . “More important than my life . ”

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t say anything in reply . It seemed that they were really very important .

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“Maybe the other elders know about it . Hold on . ” Grand Secretary Fang then contacted the others .

Feng Wu waited patiently .

Meanwhile, in the crown prince’s residence —

Feng and Granny Gong stood outside the study in utter silence, exchanging not a single word .

Granny Gong then heaved a sigh . “His Royal Highness has shut himself inside for two days . When is he going to break free of this mood?”

Feng looked up at the sky .

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