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Chapter 1046: 1046
Chapter 1046 Taiyi Formation

Jun Linyuan’s pupils contracted, and a dark red mist seemed to blur his vision . He then turned his sharp gaze on Feng Xun .

Poor Feng Xun . The crown prince’s ferocious glare froze him in place .

Staring at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu pressed . She repeated the question . “Is that it? You like me?”

Both Feng Xun and Xuan Yi stared at Jun Linyuan unblinkingly .

Tell her! Now!

Your Royal Highness, she’ll never know your feelings if you don’t tell her!

However, Jun Linyuan had seen the sneer in Feng Wu’s eyes, and a guy as proud as he was would never admit the truth .

“Of course I don’t! Don’t flatter yourself!” The crown prince was all about saving face, and he glared at Feng Wu for what she said .

Oh god…

Exchanging looks, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi both cried out in their heads .

Naturally, Feng Wu flushed again, and she turned to glare at Feng Xun . “Is that what you call ‘like me’?”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

Before he could explain, Feng Wu ran off .

“Hey…” Feng Xun stomped his foot in frustration . Turning around, he wanted to complain to Jun Linyuan, but before he could say anything, Jun Linyuan’s intimidating energy had already filled the air!

The unbelievable power almost crushed Feng Xun and Xuan Yi’s spines like an enormous mountain .

Both of them broke out sweating and felt chills run down their spines .


Jun Linyuan’s already dark eyes seemed to turn even darker . They could smell danger in the air, as if a storm was brewing!

The crown prince flipped his sleeves and stormed off .

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Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were left behind, eyeing each other in bewilderment .

Both their backs were hunched, as if they had a mountain on their shoulders, for Jun Linyuan’s energy had expanded to fill the entire area .

Feng Xun gave Xuan Yi a pitiful look . “Now I know what it’s been like for you . ”

Xuan Yi shrugged .

Feng Xun said, “Why do I feel that we’ve made it worse?”

Xuan Yi shrugged again .

Feng Xun said, “Will the two of them ever stop? They’re so unpredictable and they fight nonstop . But in the end, we’re the ones who suffer the consequences . ”

Xuan Yi heaved a sigh .

Feng Xun asked, “What are we going to do now?”

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Xuan Yi said, “Just let it be . ”

Feng Wu headed back home, still angry, and Chaoge caught up to her on the way .

“Xiao Wu, are you alright?” Chaoge was concerned .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth!

Chaoge looked at her sympathetically . “I don’t know what it is with His Royal Highness . Why are you the only one he picks on? What are we gonna do?”

Feng Wu ground her teeth .

Chaoge said, “We’ve only been in school for a day . ”

Feng Wu sighed in resignation . Chaoge was right . It was only the first day of school, and she still had four more years to go…

After she got back home, Feng Wu jumped into Fang Manor right away .

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Grand Secretary Fang stayed at home most of the time these days, since he could cultivate more efficiently thanks to the Taiyi Formation .

“You want to… withdraw from school?” Grand Secretary Fang was teaching Feng Xiaoqi when Feng Wu arrived, and he looked up at her after hearing those words .

Feng Wu said, “Not exactly . I’ll be studying on my own outside school, and I’ll only show up for the exams . ”

Stroking his beard, Grand Secretary Fang gave it some thought . “You’re only in Year 1 and the formation classes are indeed too easy for you… Try to cultivate in the Taiyi Formation for a few days; pick the spot you find the most efficient . ”

Feng Wu was elated .

Having the principal of Imperial College as a friend sure came in handy .

For the next three days, Feng Wu stayed in the Taiyi Formation for her cultivation .

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