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Chapter 1048: 1048
Chapter 1048 Broken Star Pieces Because of the crown prince’s rage, dark clouds had gathered overhead, covering the entire sky over the residence . Cold air filled the place and everyone was as silent as cicadas in autumn . It was too scary for them to utter a word . Feng sighed in resignation .

Chang San, the captain of the guards in the residence, was standing next to Feng side at the moment .

“Mr Feng, His Royal Highness has been in a bad mood for two days… It’s never been this long before…” Chang San pulled a long face . “He must have reprimanded over a hundred officials and generals already . ”

Reprimand was an understatement . To be more precise, he had given them absolute hell .

Feng smiled bitterly . It had really been going on for too long .

“Who offended His Royal Highness this time?” Chang San cringed . “And when is it going to end?”

Luckily, His Royal Highness had only lashed out at the civil and military officials and the generals of the imperial guards . None of his close subordinates had been affected yet .

But who knew what could happen if his mood stayed like this .

Just then —

“Chang San, get you ass in here!” The crown prince’s grumpy voice came from inside the room .

Chang San’s eyes widened, and he turned to Feng for help .

What should he do now?!

Feng and Granny Gong looked the other way, as if they hadn’t heard a thing…

Chang San had to force himself to go in when in fact, he wanted to cry for help .

Soon, they hear angry roars from inside .

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Both Feng and Granny Gong felt their stomachs lurch .

Chang San came out about fifteen minutes later with blood oozing from his ears, nostrils, and the corner of his mouth . He looked listless . When the captain saw Feng, he almost burst into tears .

“Who on earth offended His Royal Highness?” Chang San hadn’t seen that coming, and he was devastated .

“Who do you think?” Feng darted a glance at Chang San .

Luckily, Chang San was no fool . He saw the light right away . “Do you mean… Miss Feng Wu?”

Feng raised his head, looking like he knew nothing at all .

Rolling up his sleeves, Chang San headed for the door .

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Feng asked, “Where are you going?”

Chang San said, “To find him a fire extinguisher!”

And he didn’t go alone . Together with a team of his men, Chang San headed for the Feng manor .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was waiting for the result of Grand Secretary Fang’s inquiry .

If Grand Secretary Fang could find a lead on the broken star pieces, she wouldn’t have to go to Jun Linyuan anymore . God knew how irritated she was even at just the thought of Jun Linyuan . The anger was simply uncontrollable .

“How did it go?” Feng Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang nervously .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded at her . “I don’t have the exact location of the broken star pieces, but… I have a lead . ”

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“Really?” Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

Something was better than nothing; she could work with that .

“What lead?” Feng Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang earnestly .

Grand Secretary Fang was secretly surprised . He had never seen the girl so devoted to something .

He told her, “Xuanyuan Kun is the person you should start working on . ”

“As in Elder Xuanyuan?” Feng Wu’s eyes flickered .

Elder Xuanyuan was one of the seven members of the education board, and back in Yu Yue’s office, that old man had wanted Feng Wu dead .

Grand Secretary Fang recalled the incident as well, and his face darkened . “Xuanyuan Kun isn’t exactly your friend . Moreover, the Xuanyuan clan has close ties with the Zuo clan . You…”

By now, Grand Secretary Fang had learned about the enmity between Feng Wu and Zuo Qingluan . He couldn’t help but worry about her dealing with the Zuo family .

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