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Chapter 1041: 1041
Chapter 1041 Jun Linyuan, What the Hell Do You What?! 2 Just when everyone thought that Feng Wu would give in and apologize, Feng Wu bolted up and glared at the crown prince . “Jun Linyuan, what the hell do you want?!”

Those words shocked everyone .

Holy shit!

Little Feng Wu was —

She had just openly retorted to His Royal Highness like an arrogant peacock!

His Royal Highness!

She would be killed!

Everyone began to throw her warning glances, reminding her to cherish her own life . She was so pretty and so smart that they would hate to see her die!

But they had clearly thought wrong once again .

Standing proudly on the platform with his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan smirked . There seemed to be a dark red flicker in his black eyes .

“Little Feng Wu, I see that you really have a death wish . ”

Feng Wu snorted . “Bring it on! Do whatever you want . You don’t scare me!”

Oh, no… Everyone else cried out in their heads at what was about to happen . Feng Wu was so getting killed .

The crown prince seemed provoked as well . “So, I see that death really doesn’t scare you . ”

Feng Wu glowered at Jun Linyuan . “What’s there to be scared of? I’d love to see you try and kill me!”

She was in a bad mood after starting the day with Mu Yaoyao trying to frame her . Then Jun Linyuan, the most unpredictable guy, showed up, annoying Feng Wu even more .

“Death doesn’t scare you . How about what happens to them?”

A dangerous look flickered in Jun Linyuan’s black eyes .

Feng Wu was baffled . “Them? How do they have anything to do with this?”

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Jun Linyuan grinned viciously . “Since you already know so much, you’ll be teaching the class today . Make one mistake and all your classmates down there will pay!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Feng Wu’s pupils contracted .

Jun Linyuan said, “You know what I mean . ”

Feng Wu flared up . “You have a problem with me . Why take it out on them?”

Jun Linyuan said, “Because you’re not afraid of death . ”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

Jun Linyuan went on, “But they are . ”

Feng Wu stomped her foot . “Jun Linyuan!”

She was sure that Jun Linyuan was doing this on purpose!

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The crown prince darted a satisfied glance at her, and he had a proud look on his handsome, chiseled face .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu fought back the urge to rush over and throttle him .

All he ever did was bully her!

Jun Linyuan’s death threat didn’t scare Feng Wu at all, but she couldn’t say the same for the other students . One could tell how scared they were from their bloodless faces .

Jun Linyuan wouldn’t actually kill them, but if he wanted to vent his anger, he could easily make these students withdraw from the college . It would be a piece of cake for him .

Feng Wu couldn’t care less about such a threat to herself, but she would feel guilty if these students had to withdraw from school or suffered an accident because of her . The guilt would eventually become a burden to her cultivation .


Feng Wu smacked the desk in frustration .

She glared at Jun Linyuan without blinking .

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He was indeed a handsome man . With his well-defined bone structure and his exquisite features, he had a beauty that would take one’s breath away and sweep them off their feet .

However, with that lousy temper of his, he was just as abominable!

“You want me to teach this class? So be it! Bring it on!” Feng Wu marched onto the dais . When she was in front of Jun Linyuan, she raised her foot to step down hard on his .


The students were almost scared out of their wits!

Did she want to be killed, now?

However, the instant Feng Wu’s foot was about to land, Jun Linyuan shifted and moved to stand behind Feng Wu .

Missing her target, Feng Wu lost her footing and pitched forward involuntarily!

Her exquisite face was about to smash into the desk in the first row!

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