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Published at 17th of August 2020 03:25:06 AM
Chapter 1040: 1040
Chapter 1040 Jun Linyuan, What the Hell Do You What?! 1 Jun Linyuan smacked his desk . WTF!

The students around him weren’t the only ones scared; even Mr Hu on the dais jumped at the sound .

All eyes were on Jun Linyuan .

He stared at Mr Hu with eyes that reminded one of a raging storm . “You made too many mistakes!”

Mr Hu blanched .

That comment from the crown prince would ruin his career…

Mr Hu could try to argue his way out of it if the critique had been from someone else, but this was the crown prince… The teenager would mercilessly crush any different opinions, and Mr Hu couldn’t even think about opposing him .

Feng Wu frowned a little and darted a look at Jun Linyuan . “He made errors on two figures and missed three key points, but everything else was fine . Surely it’s nothing worth ruining his career over . ”

And the so-called mistakes were only noticeable if one was really picky . To most people, Mr Hu was a good teacher .

However, the other students only looked at Feng Wu sympathetically .

What was wrong with Feng Wu? His Royal Highness was already targeting her; what she should be doing now was to stay out of sight . Instead, she had drawn more attention to herself . Did she have a death wish or something?

Would the infuriated His Royal Highness throttle Feng Wu on the spot? At that thought, the look in their eyes turned even more sympathetic .

However, to everyone’s surprise, the crown prince did no such thing .

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan was secretly enjoying the moment, for he had finally caught her attention and she was no longer ignoring him .

Trying to make the best use of this opportunity, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and went up to the dais .

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Mr Hu stared at the crown prince in bewilderment… What was going on here?

Feng Xun could read Jun Linyuan’s mind . Before, he had made the wrong assumption about the crown prince and had been led further and further away down the wrong path . Ever since Xuan Yi corrected him, however, Feng Xun could see what Jun Linyuan was doing with a single glance .

Hence, Feng Xun hurried over at once and half-dragged Mr Hu off the dais .

Jun Linyuan stood there with a proud, authoritative look in his eyes .

The students all remained seated, feeling anxious and flustered as they wondered what His Royal Highness was doing .

It then occurred to them that this whole time, the crown prince had kept his intimidating gaze on Feng Wu, almost without blinking . It felt as if he wanted to eat the beautiful girl whole!

How scary those eyes were…

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They then turned to look at Feng Wu .

Despite being stared at by those terrifying eyes, Feng Wu remained seated with her back ramrod straight . The look on her face never changed and her eyes looked calm .

She was such a strong character!

People began to ask themselves: If they were the ones being stared at, would they be able to stay as calm as Feng Wu?

The answer was no .

“Did you just contradict me?” Jun Linyuan asked in an arrogant, domineering manner . One could detect murderous intent in his brooding eyes .

How scary those eyes were…

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The other students all lowered their eyes and kept their gazes on the floor, trying their best not to attract any attention .

No one dared to look into Jun Linyuan’s terrifying eyes .

They could tell that the crown prince was genuinely mad, and wanted revenge!

Out of all the people Feng Wu could offend, it had to be the crown prince, who was as ferocious as any magical beast . Did she have a death wish?

No one was bold enough to speak up for Feng Wu; minding their own business was a much safer option .

Feng Wu was displeased at being stared at by Jun Linyuan, and she looked pissed .

She was furious inwardly!

She had done a good deed in Proud Snowfield by saving Jun Linyuan’s life . However, not only wasn’t she thanked for it, she ran into even more trouble .

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