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Chapter 1042: 1042
Chapter 1042 Jun Linyuan, What the Hell Do You What?! 3 With a wave of his hand, Jun Linyuan pulled Feng Wu back into his arms . Thump!

Feng Wu’s nose bumped into Jun Linyuan’s chest, making her grunt .


The students in the classroom were ready to sing an elegy for Feng Wu .

She was so doomed…

They believed that Feng Wu was really going to die . His Royal Highness would smash her head open like he was cracking open a watermelon!

It was common knowledge that His Royal Highness was a neat freak .

Wasn’t there a rumor where some noble young lady touched His Royal Highness’s sleeve, and ended up having her entire arm cut off by the savage crown prince?

Little Feng Wu had just flown into the crown prince’s arms… Would he cut her into pieces?

Duan Chaoge was so frightened that she wanted to stand up and cry out, Your Royal Highness, please don’t kill Xiao Wu!

However, she realized that she couldn’t move . She felt as if she had been wrapped inside a transparent, jelly cocoon, and she couldn’t move no matter how hard she struggled .

Flustered and anxious, Chaoge almost burst into tears .

Meanwhile, most of the other students in the classroom had covered their eyes and were peeking through their fingers, fearing what they might see .

Gongsun Qing eyed Feng Wu sympathetically . However scared she was of Jun Linyuan, she still recalled that Feng Wu saved her life once .

Gritting her teeth, Gongsun Qing rose to her feet . “Your Royal Highness, please spare Feng Wu’s life . ”

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Her voice startled the two people on the dais, especially the proud crown prince .

With Feng Wu’s soft body in his arms, he was overwhelmed by the fragrance characteristic of teenage girls . There was a gentle look in the crown prince’s eyes now, and he had almost forgotten where he was .

All the girl ever did was run away from him, but now, she wasn’t going anywhere, was she?

However, what Gongsun Qing said woke Jun Linyuan up from his daydream .

Spare Feng Wu’s life? Where had that come from?!

The look in the crown prince’s black eyes was so cold that it scared the wits out of anyone .

Looking into Jun Linyuan’s eyes, Gongsun Qing felt a cold sensation in her chest, and a chill also ran down her spine . That was so frightening…

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Feng Xun reached out and dragged Gongsun Qing away . He then whispered, “Boss Jun won’t kill little Feng Wu!”

All that guy ever did was piss Feng Wu off .

But Gongsun Qing didn’t buy it . Clenching her fists, she looked rather sad . “Feng Wu is actually a really nice person . I haven’t gotten around to telling her that I want to be her friend . ”

Feng Xun gave Gongsun Qing a sympathetic look .

The girl had been misled the way he had been, thinking that Boss Jun hated little Feng Wu . Feng Xun couldn’t remember how many times he had made a fool of himself, or gotten beaten up for it .

Seeing the anxious looks on the students’ faces, and recalling the silly things he had done to keep Boss Jun away from Feng Wu, Feng Xun felt so humiliated .

Looking up at Jun Linyuan on the dais, Feng Xun was amazed at what Boss Jun had achieved…

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He liked the girl, but what he did made everyone think that he hated her . He would never be able to win a girl’s heart this way!

Feng Wu would only hate him for his actions!

As expected, Feng Wu shoved Jun Linyuan away . “Don’t touch me!”

The other students were all speechless .

Jun Linyuan smirked . “I? Touch you? You think too highly of yourself . ”

The other students all nodded, agreeing with him . If the crown prince wanted to do something to a girl, she would simply lie down willingly . Feng Wu obviously wasn’t a candidate .

Feng Wu was so mad that her head spun!

She had made up her mind . Jun Linyuan had just become the person she hated the most, bumping Zuo Qingluan down to second place .

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