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Chapter 1037: 1037
Chapter 1037 Deskmate 2

His Royal Highness was a neat freak . A dirty chair would upset him, and when he was upset, he would kill someone .

As expected —

After Feng Xun wiped the chair clean, Jun Linyuan stepped forward and sat down proudly in it .

All mouths fell open .

What was going on with His Royal Highness?

Outside the door, the girls from Universe Court were all baffled .

“He didn’t throttle Feng Wu, but sat down next to her . What is he thinking?”

“I know!”


“Do you know what ‘Ling Chi’ is?”

“Of course . It’s a death penalty where you cut people into the tiniest pieces and let them die in agony . ”

“That’s it! His Royal Highness has to hate Feng Wu to the bone now, and killing her instantly just won’t be enough to vent his rage . His Royal Highness is doing this to make Feng Wu’s life a living hell!”

“Oh god, Feng Wu will live in fear every waking moment!”

“I told you . His Royal Highness is so clever!”

“His Royal Highness is as amazing as always!”

They weren’t alone . Everyone here except for Feng Xun and Xuan Yi thought that way .

They all thought that Jun Linyuan felt that killing Feng Wu wouldn’t be good enough revenge, and that he had decided to kill her slowly .

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Ding —

The bell rang, and it was time for class .

However, everyone acted as if they hadn’t heard a thing as they kept staring at Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince grew impatient . He frowned .

As his spokesman, Feng Xun bellowed, “Is the class ever going to start?!”

Yu Yue gave Feng Wu a sympathetic glance, but there was nothing she could do, despite her wish to help . The only thing she could think of was to go to Grand Secretary Fang and ask for instructions .

Yu Yue left after that .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi then went to the desks behind Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu, and Feng Xun rapped on one of them .

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Behind Feng Wu sat Huo Yin and another girl, who had been secretly pleased to sit so close to the crown prince . But now —

Under Young Lord Feng’s intimidating gaze, they cringed and gave in . They quickly packed their stuff and went to find seats further down the row .

In a matter of minutes, Feng Wu was surrounded by Jun Linyuan and his friends .

This period was taught by Mr Hu, and the subject was “Application of Martial Arts . ”

He walked into the classroom to see the strange looks on the students’ faces, which made him jump . What was going on?

He scanned the classroom with his eyes and saw Feng Wu at once . He frowned .

Because of her brother’s special endowment, the girl had gained Grand Secretary Fang’s favor and forced Mu Yaoyao out… No one would dare become her friend .

Mr Hu wondered who was the person unlucky enough to sit next to her…

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When he saw the person on Feng Wu’s left —

Holy crap!

Even the experienced, level-headed Mr Hu thought that his heart would jump out of his throat when he saw the person sitting next to Feng Wu .

He couldn’t believe his eyes . When he rubbed them and opened them again, he still saw the face that would make all girls in the empire go wild .

Why did he know that? Because his beloved daughter was also one of the crown prince’s fervid fans .

How could he not get nervous? The crown prince was here in the classroom!

“Y- Your Royal Highness…”

Mr Hu, who had been hypercritical of Feng Wu, scurried over to Jun Linyuan, bowed, and gave an ingratiating smile . “Your Royal Highness, I didn’t know you would be here . To what do we owe this honor…”

The crown prince lost his patience!

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