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Chapter 1036: 1036
Chapter 1036 Deskmate 1

“nonsense! have you forgotten who he is? he’s jun linyuan, our resolute, merciless, ferocious, and arrogant crown prince! he would never pick petals out of someone’s hair, especially not feng wu’s! what’s the matter with you?”

the only student that had come up with the question was soon dismissed by everyone else .

“your royal highness —”

yu yue might be the chief teacher of year 1, but she was still intimidated by the tyrannical crown prince . that was why she greeted him with a smile .

playing with the pink petal between his fingers, jun linyuan glanced at yu yue grimly before turning his gaze back to feng wu . he wouldn’t look away .

this girl had been running away from him since they last saw each other in his residence . all his efforts to try to hold her down had been futile . she wasn’t going anywhere now .

yu yue smiled bitterly, and pitied feng wu for her bad luck . after mu yaoyao, feng wu had to deal with the crown prince here, who happened to be the one person in the empire that she should never mess with .

yu yue went up to them and seemed to accidentally stand in front of feng wu . she then smiled at jun linyuan . “your royal highness, to what does the year 1 quarter owe this honor?”

jun linyuan cast a stern look at yu yue, the look in his eyes grim .

yu yue explained immediately, “the rules of imperial college stipulate that fights are not allowed on school grounds…”

feng xun and xuan yi stood on either side of jun linyuan, and feng xun was the first to snap, “miss, are you suggesting that boss jun would do that? fist fights? boss jun never fights other people since he can just kick their asses!”

that was a bold, confident statement!

many smiled bitterly at those words . feng xun was right . with his royal highness’s capability, he could easily crush anyone . only a handful of the teachers here was his match, let alone the students .

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yu yue sighed inwardly, but she said, “yes, that’s right . but the year 4 quarter is in swan court, and the three of you…”

feng xun grinned at feng wu, then said to yu yue, “we’re not here to take classes . we’re making our rounds . ”

“making your rounds?” yu yue’s stomach lurched, and she had a very bad feeling about what was coming .

she was right . feng xun grinned . “that’s right . we’re here to make our rounds on behalf of his royal highness; we’re not here as students of imperial college to take classes . so, the school rules don’t apply to us . ”

that was an outright abuse of power .

yu yue liked feng wu, but that was when her own life wasn’t in danger . now that jun linyuan was here as the crown prince, she wasn’t in any position to go against his will .

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since young lord feng had referred to her as “miss,” it was so obvious that he didn’t think much of her title as the chief teacher of year 1 at all .

“if that’s the case —”

before yu yue could go on, she saw that jun linyuan was staring at feng wu’s deskmate .

duan chaoge had been sitting there at first, but feng wu became so popular that chaoge’s seat was taken by a boy .

and his name was lian xiao .

jun lingyuan’s glare made lian xiao shake all over . his legs gave out and he fell back in the chair .

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but he realized right away that he had done the wrong thing, and while he wanted to stand up, his legs were too weak .

that was crazy!

the crown prince’s seemingly calm eyes had a look in them that resembled a thousand storms, which could suck out one’s soul!

feng xun couldn’t stand it anymore . he rushed over, picked up the student, and tossed him to the side . he then quickly set the chair upright and even wiped the seat clean with his sleeve .

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