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Chapter 1038
Chapter 1038 Arrogant Deskmate 1 Jin Linyuan had darted several glances at Feng Wu, but like a dummy, she kept her gaze fixed straight ahead, which annoyed him . And then, the teacher was at his desk . The crown prince threw a dirty look at Mr Hu . “Do you know how to teach?”

Mr Hu said, “Yes . Yes, of course…”

Jun Linyuan said, “Then do it . ”

The crown prince didn’t like to be disturbed when he was watching little Feng Wu .

Mr Hu said, “Yes, no problem…”

But he didn’t know where to start .

He could teach even when the principal was in the classroom, but the crown prince was a different story… Mr Hu cried for help in his head .

However, he had no choice but to stand on the dais and start teaching .

Mr Hu was usually a fluent speaker, but he kept stammering today .

However, no one was actually listening to him, for everyone’s attention was on the crown prince . This was the first time that they were so close to His Royal Highness…

And it might be the only time in their whole lives . Why waste it on some lecture?

Feng Wu could sense many pairs of eyes on her, especially from her left . The gaze was so intense that it burned her skin .

She decided that she had had enough, and turned to glare at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan was looking straight ahead, but stole sideway glances at Feng Wu the whole time . Caught by Feng Wu, he was embarrassed and looked away immediately .

What did this Jun Linyuan want? Feng Wu was confused . The feeling put her on edge .

Just then, a boy on her right handed her a folded note .

Feng Wu opened it .

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“Don’t be afraid . We’re here for you . ”

The plain words gave Feng Wu strength, and she looked to the right voluntarily . It was a familiar face that she couldn’t recognize .

She couldn’t recognize it because she had never spoken to him .

But he seemed familiar because he was one of the four students who had gotten a breakthrough just then .

Feng Wu wrote “thank you” on the paper .

She smiled at the boy and handed the note back to him .

In the face of her alluring glance and her mesmerizing smile, the boy had no chance . He was infatuated right away .

When he was finally able to look down at the note, he was stunned by her beautiful handwriting!

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Feng Wu had learned her cursive handwriting from her beautiful master . It possessed natural grace and gave off a free and easy feel . The strokes were a combination of stillness and motion . Her handwriting was as exceptional as that of some of the greatest calligraphers in the empire .

With one look, the boy was even more astonished .

Feng Wu’s handwriting was as beautiful as the person herself… She was like a goddess!

Their seats were quite close . The boy leaned over and whispered to Feng Wu, “Your cursive handwriting has so much energy in it . May I ask who your master is —”

However, that was as far as he got . The next second, he was lifted off his feet by the back of his collar .

Feng Xun was so mad!

He wouldn’t have reacted that way if he hadn’t learned that Boss Jun was in love with Feng Wu . Now that he had, he wouldn’t allow any other stupid guy to go near her .

The poor boy had only been infatuated with Feng Wu for a minute before Feng Xun threw him away!

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The boy smashed into the blackboard, and the impact made a loud bang .

Everyone in the classroom was scared out of their wits, and so was the stammering Mr Hu . Feng Wu, on the other hand, was furious .

Smacking her desk, she bolted to her feet, then turned around and glared at Feng Xun . “Feng Xun! What did you do that for?!”

Wow —

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

Because class had started, the senior Year 1 students of Universe Court were no longer outside the classroom . However, there were still hundreds of newbies here .

And they —

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