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Chapter 1035
Chapter 1035 Attacked by His Royal Highness 2

One had to acknowledge that many girls were infatuated with Jun Linyuan .

Especially the seniors who were rushing over from Universe Court .

After all this time in Imperial College, they had never met His Royal Highness on campus . That was how rarely Jun Linyuan showed up here .

A group of girls from Universe Court were talking among themselves .

“Look at the way His Royal Highness is staring at Feng Wu . It looks like he wants to tear her to pieces . ”

“That Feng Wu is unbelievable . She shows no sign of remorse after doing those things to His Royal Highness . ”

“Do you think His Royal Highness will just smack Feng Wu to death?”

“I don’t think so . After all, we’re still in Imperial College . ”

“So what? Yes, school rules forbid students from fighting each other, but he’s the crown prince . He makes the rules, not following them . ”

“Look, look . His Royal Highness is walking toward Feng Wu . ”

“I never saw that coming . After surviving Mu Yaoyao, Feng Wu is going to be killed by His Royal Highness . ”

Seeing Jun Linyuan approach with his strong hands clenched into fists, Chaoge panicked . She rushed out and spread out her arms, shielding Feng Wu behind her .

Because Feng Wu had saved her in Proud Snowfield, Gongsun Qing had been having conflicted feelings toward Feng Wu, but she still couldn’t help but dart a pitying look at Feng Wu .

Shi Xuan was much more straightforward . Taking Feng Wu’s hand, she said in a low voice, “Xiao Wu, just apologize! Say sorry to His Royal Highness!”

The other newbies were all giving Feng Wu encouraging looks as well .

They admired Feng Wu too much to see her taken out by His Royal Highness now .

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Say sorry? Feng Wu found that strange .

She said, “What did I do? Why should I apologize?”

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

His Royal Highness was right here!

With that attitude, Feng Wu was asking for death!

By then, even the conflicted Gongsun Qing couldn’t stand it anymore . She glared at Feng Wu . “Have you forgotten what you did? Get down on your knees and apologize to His Royal Highness!”

Gongsun Qing would never have warned Feng Wu if the latter hadn’t saved her life .

However, Feng Wu only raised her chin and said proudly, “I didn’t do anything wrong! Why should I apologize?”

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She had saved Jun Linyuan more than once in Proud Snowfield!

Jun Linyuan was only an arm’s length away from Feng Wu now and he raised a hand —


Many thought that he was going to strike down at Feng Wu’s head, killing her right there and then!

Feng Sang’s eyes widened and she could barely hide the elation in them .

Kill Feng Wu! Kill her now!

“Stop —”

Just then, Yu Yue arrived in a hurry .

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She saw Jun Linyuan raise his hand from afar . Thinking that the crown prince was going to execute a lethal blow, Yu Yue was scared out of her wits .

Feng Wu was a student that Grand Secretary Fang paid special attention to . Although Yu Yue believed that Grand Secretary Fang only cared about Feng Wu because of Feng Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body, that still made her special in a way .

As Yu Yue cried out, Jun Linyuan slowly put down his raised hand and removed a pink petal from Feng Wu’s head .

Blood finally returned to the newbies’ white faces .

Miss Yu Yue had arrived just in time!

A second later, and Feng Wu would have been crushed by that blow!

“Is it possible that His Royal Highness meant to pick that petal from the beginning?” someone suggested in a low voice .

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