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Chapter 1034: 1034
Chapter 1034 Attacked by His Royal Highness 1

instantly, all the thousands of students of universe court rushed toward blue cloud court .

meanwhile, in blue cloud court .

nearly all the students had gathered around feng wu, wanting to gain her trust right away and become inseparable friends with her .

one little lecture from her had been able to make four students break through!

“hey, you people—”

chaoge had been sitting next to feng wu earlier, but their classmates were so enthusiastic that they soon pushed chaoge out of the way .

chaoge stomped her foot in frustration . these people!

one of the students tugged at chaoge . “you’ve been following feng wu around and learning so much from her . can’t you give us some time with her?”

“that’s right . aren’t you staying with feng wu, chaoge? there’s nothing we can do after you go back home, but can’t we ask for her help while we’re here at school?”

“you’re not the only one that has a right to go near feng wu, you know . we have the right, too . ”

they all refused to accept it . what did chaoge have that they didn’t?

chaoge stared at them in disbelief .

before, they couldn’t get far away enough from xiao wu, but now, the same bunch wouldn’t leave xiao wu’s side . these people were impossible to reason with .

just then, footsteps came from outside —

at that moment, a student cried out, “his royal highness is here —”


everyone in the classroom was stunned by the news .

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his royal highness, as in jun linyuan, the crown prince?!

he was here in imperial college?

that was a miracle!

the crown prince seldom showed up here . this was rare .

everywhere jun linyuan went, the bustling crowd parted to make a passageway wide enough for four people to walk through shoulder to shoulder .

before long, a dashing, handsome teenager walked into the classroom .

the teenager wore a nice-fitting brocade robe, and his exquisite features reminded one of a deity .

he had a dangerous look in his sharp eyes and gave off a threatening air that gave people the creeps .

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as soon as he walked into the classroom, he kept his unblinking gaze on feng wu, as if she was the only person he could see in the whole world .

all the other people in the classroom were ants to him . he didn’t even want to set eyes on them . she was the only one he could see!

he was like a hunter with his eyes on his prey .

the look in his eyes was fierce, and he was certain he would get what he wanted .

that murderous look in jun linyuan’s eyes gave feng wu the creeps .

she wasn’t afraid of anything, and neither the teachers nor her classmates frightened her . however, that predatory look in jun linyuan’s eyes gave her so much pressure that she instinctively wanted to run away .

but how?

if she couldn’t run away from it, she had to face it head on .

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feng wu looked up at jun linyuan with her limpid, bright eyes . she was intimidated, but she wouldn’t give in .

the students looked from jun linyuan to feng wu .

and many were reminded of what happened in proud snowfield .

the things feng wu did to his royal highness…

so, was his royal highness going to get his revenge?

before, they would be glad to see jun linyuan taking it out on feng wu, but now, feng wu was the treasure of this class .

what were they supposed to do now?

fearing that feng wu might be hurt, some students snuck out the back door to find a teacher .

qiao yi wouldn’t do . chief yu was their only hope now .

jun linyuan kept his eyes on feng wu the entire time, a ferocious, murderous look in them . the chilly and intimidating air he gave off made everyone shudder .

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