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Chapter 1032
Chapter 1032 Feng Wu the Tutor! 2 The students’ spiritual essence had grown much denser . “OMG!”“So, listening to Feng Wu can really help you improve your cultivation?!”

“My god, is Feng Wu a god or something?!”

If people still doubted Feng Wu’s ability before, with four successful breakthroughs, they no longer had any doubts .

Instantly, everyone wanted to talk to Feng Wu and learn from her .

Qiao Yi had never looked so awful . Her face went from blue to pale, and she looked miserable .

It was too good a chance to pass up, and of course, Chaoge wouldn’t let her off easily .

“I thought Miss Qiao Yi predicted that their cultivation would go awry . ”

With those words, all eyes were on Qiao Yi .

The look on Qiao Yi’s face turned grimmer . Throwing a dirty look at Feng Wu, she turned to leave .

Chaoge called after her, “Is Qiao Yi jealous? After all, she taught us over and over again, but just couldn’t make us understand . Xiao Wu only answered one question, and four people made breakthroughs . ”

Qiao Yi stumbled and almost fell .

That was so humiliating!

Qiao Yi rushed into the chief’s office .

Meanwhile, a lot of students gathered around Feng Wu .

“Feng Wu, I have a question…”

“Feng Wu, about the earth element…”

“Feng Wu, I want to ask you about the ice element…”

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After realizing Feng Wu’s capability, no one dared to show her any hostility anymore . Feng Wu was now the treasure of the class .

Just then, there were footsteps outside .

It was the senior Year 1 students .

Feng Sang led the group, followed by Wu Jing and Tao Yue .

Seeing the newbies gathered around Feng Wu, Feng Sang looked furious!

What she had heard was that Feng Wu had offended Mu Yaoyao and all the other newbies, which was why she was here to plunder a burning house .

However, she had arrived to find the newbies gathered around Feng Wu .

What was going on?

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Wu Jing asked one of the newbies what happened .

The newbies didn’t like that at all . Feng Wu had just become their treasure, one that was more effective than a cultivation pill . If this got out, the senior Year 1 students wouldn’t be the only ones to try and snatch Feng Wu away – students from the other three years might join the competition, too!

Would the newbies stand a chance when that happened? Obviously not .

That was why all the newbies worked together for the first time and kept their mouths shut . No matter what the senior students asked, they just kept shaking their heads .

Seeing that they weren’t getting anywhere, Feng Sang glared at Feng Wu . “You’ve gotten our family in trouble again, haven’t you?!”

Feng Wu looked bewildered . “No, I haven’t . ”

Feng Sang smirked . “You’ve offended Princess Mu, haven’t you?!”

Feng Wu shrugged . “It was the other way round . ”

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Feng Sang was furious . “Feng Wu, are you trying to destroy our clan? Have you forgotten who Princess Mu and her grandfather are? Hand me that goddamn bet already!”

Feng Wu smiled . “What if I say no?”

Feng Sang had expected that Feng Wu wouldn’t listen to her, and she had known before she came that Feng Wu wouldn’t give her what she asked for . There was only one reason for her to show up here .

She didn’t want to be incriminated!

Feng Sang stared at Feng Wu . “Are you sure?”

Feng Wu nodded .

Feng Sang said, “If you want to bring trouble down on yourself, be my guest, but my branch of the family will have nothing to do with it! That’s my final decision!”

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