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Published at 13th of August 2020 03:25:08 PM
Chapter 1033: 1033
Chapter 1033 Feng Wu the Tutor! 3 “From now on, Feng Wu is no longer my sister, and whatever she does has nothing to do with me!” said Feng Sang . Almost all the senior students from Universe Court applauded her . However —

The newbies all gave Feng Sang strange looks .

“Who is this Feng Sang anyway?” some bewildered student asked in a low voice .

“Feng Sang is the daughter of the first branch of the Feng clan and the third child of her mother . She’s Feng Wu’s older cousin . ”

“If they’re cousins, they should be pretty close, right? Won’t that give her an advantage in getting help from Feng Wu first?”

“But she just said that she has nothing to do with Feng Wu…”

Had Feng Sang lost her mind?

Feng Wu was practically a walking cultivation pill!

One word from her worked better than ten years in school!

No newbie would dare offend Feng Wu now . They couldn’t stop fawning on her, and worshiped the ground she walked . Feng Sang was doing the exact opposite .

“That was bold!” Everyone looked at Feng Sang in amazement .

Those looks bewildered Feng Sang, but no one would tell her why . In the end, she could only throw a dirty look at Feng Wu and storm off .

The other senior Year 1 students followed Feng Sang out .

“That was weird . ” Tao Yue scratched her head . “Don’t those newbies despise Feng Wu? They used to gloat at her predicament . Why are they supporting her all of a sudden?”

Guan Jing frowned as well . “Aren’t they afraid of offending Princess Mu? She’s connected to Grand Secretary Fang!”

“Breaking news —”

Someone rushed into Universe Court and announced loudly, “The latest news is that Mu Yaoyao has withdrawn from Imperial College . She’s already left the city and is on her way to Firmament Palace . ”


Everyone was astonished!

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No way!

They thought they knew who Mu Yaoyao was .

She was the princess of the Mu family and the granddaughter of Grand Secretary Fang . Not only did the royal family like her, she had also been made a sacred lady of Firmament Palace . She was supposed to be the luckiest girl!

Then, she and Feng Wu became enemies, and she… dropped out?


All eyes were on Feng Sang right away .

“How well-connected is your cousin Feng Wu? How did she force Princess Mu to drop out?”

“What’s Feng Wu’s background? She must have some remarkable patrons!”

“Feng Sang, isn’t she your cousin? Don’t you know?”

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Feng Sang thought her head was going to explode .

How was she supposed to know?!

Why was that b*tch everywhere; why wouldn’t she just go away?

At that thought, Feng Sang’s face turned livid .

However, at that moment —

“OMG! I’ve got big news!”

Another student ran into Universe Court, shaking from head to toe in excitement .

Feng Sang’s first reaction was to wonder what Feng Wu had done this time .

However, before she could ask, the student announced, “His Royal Highness is here! His Royal Highness is in the Year 1 quarter!”

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That shocked everyone!

The crown prince was here! He was the legend of Imperial College . With his capability, he could have graduated years ago . However, he had repeatedly applied to postpone his graduation, and remained a Year 4 student here .

Even then, it had been a while since he last visited Imperial College . What was the occasion? What brought the crown prince here today?

“Aww —”

“Let’s go —”

Students of Universe Court, the girls in particular, rushed out in great excitement!

“Where is His Royal Highness? Where did he go?”

“He’s in Blue Cloud Court!”

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