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Chapter 1031: 1031

Chapter 1031 Feng Wu the Tutor! 1
Everyone Began to Talk Among Themselves .

Qiao Yi Turned Around and Stared at Feng Wu With a Livid Face and Bloodshot Eyes .

She Said, “You Started Wei Jing’s Breakthrough; if Something Happens to Her, It’ll Be All on You! You Can’t Run Away From This!”

Feng Wu Shrugged . “What Can Possibly Happen? She’s Having a Breakthrough . Miss Qiao Yi, You Worry Too Much . ”

Qiao Yi Said in a Harsh Tone, “Do You Think a Breakthrough Can Happen So Easily? What if Her Cultivation Goes Awry?!”

Feng Wu Chuckled .

Just Then —

“Miss Qiao Yi, I’m Sorry, but I Have a Feeling, Too . ”

“Miss Qiao Yi, So… So Do I!”

“Sorry, Miss Qiao Yi, but —”

In a Matter of Minutes, Three More Students Sat Down .

If Wei Jing Was the Only One, It Could Still Be Called a Coincidence . However, Three More Sat Down After That, and Every Single One of Them Had Talked About a Breakthrough . It Had to Have Something to Do With Feng Wu .

Instantly —

Everyone Looked at One Another in Amazement, and Qiao Yi’s Face Darkened Even Further .

Jealousy Gnawed at Her Heart .

As for Feng Wu, She Only Looked Surprised at the Very Beginning . She Then Sat Down in Her Seat and Looked Perfectly Calm . She Was Even in the Mood to Do Some Light Reading .

She Took a Book Out of the Storage Bag Which Jun Linyuan Had Given to Her; the Storage Bag Contained Books Which Covered All the Theory Taught From Year 1 to Year 4, and Feng Wu Could Read Them Without Any Difficulty .

15 Minutes Passed…

30 Minutes Passed…

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No One Spoke, and It Was Quiet Enough in the Classroom to Hear Everyone Breathing . They Wondered if Those Four Would Break Through, Like Feng Wu Said, or if Their Cultivation Would Go Awry .

45 Minutes Passed…

There Was Now a Light Buzzing Sound Around Wei Jing, Who Had Been the First to Sit Down . Abundant Spiritual Energy Started to Pour Into Her Body!

She Absorbed Every Single Streak of It Until There Was Nothing Left to Absorb .

Soon, Wei Jing Opened Her Eyes, Which Were Now So Limpid and Bright That They Looked Like They Had Been Washed Thoroughly .


Rising to Her Feet, Wei Jing Went Up to Feng Wu, Raised Her Hands, and Dropped to Her Knees . She Then Prostrated Herself in Front of Feng Wu!

She Kowtowed One, Two, Three Times .

Everyone Watched With Their Mouths Agape .

“Did Wei Jing Have a Breakthrough?”

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“So, Her Cultivation Didn’t Go Awry?”

“Wow, Feng Wu’s Words Can Do That?”

Everyone Looked From Feng Wu to Qiao Yi .

Feng Wu Didn’t Look Disturbed at All . Qiao Yi, on the Other Hand, Looked Humiliated .

“Feng Wu, I Want to Thank You for Your Teaching . I Offended You; I Should Have Known Better . Please Punish Me However You See Fit!” After That, Smack!

Wei Jing Slapped Herself .



She Slapped Herself Twice More After That .

Feng Wu Frowned . “Quiet . The Others Are Still Cultivating . ”

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“of Course . ” Rising to Her Feet, Wei Jing Went Up to Feng Wu Obediently . Her Meaning Was Clear — She Would Listen to Feng Wu’s Orders From Now on .

The Change in Her Attitude Was So Incredible .

Clearly, Wei Jing Was Very Flexible in Her Loyalties .

On Second Thought, the Others Realized That if They Listened to Feng Wu, They Could Learn More From Her, and Would Have More Opportunities to Make a Breakthrough… Who Wouldn’t Want to Stick to Her?

But, Could Wei Jing’s Breakthrough Have Been a Coincidence?

Soon, the Other Three Students All Opened Their Eyes .

Needless to Say, They Had Made Breakthroughs, Too!

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