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Chapter 1030: 1030
Chapter 1030 Explain the Profound In Simple Terms 3 but… explaining it wasn’t as easy . feng wu lowered her head and pondered the question .

seeing feng wu remain silent, qiao yi let out a sigh of relief . feng wu was so erudite that it drove qiao yi crazy .

thinking that she had gotten feng wu, qiao yi was elated and didn’t try to hide it . “i see you don’t have an answer to that . feng wu, i know you’re smart and you’ve read more than the rest of the class, but that’s it . as a new student here, you still have a lot to learn, and from now on…”

however, feng wu raised her head before qiao yi could finish .

her eyes were bright when she said, “fusing ice and fire together requires the ice and fire elements . fusing elements together is a complicated process, but there are patterns we can follow…”

 and she went on —

feng wu had a nice voice, and her tone was easy and relaxed . after hearing her answer, the students all felt enlightened, as if they were going to have an epiphany .

it was something that couldn’t be explained with words . if they perceived it, they perceived it, and if they didn’t, they didn’t .

after hearing what feng wu said, qiao yi obtained some understanding as well, but she was even more displeased when she saw that feng wu outclassed her .

looking around the classroom, she saw radiant faces and sparkling eyes . they had clearly all sensed something from feng wu’s answer .

qiao yi believed that as a teacher, she worked her guts out to deliver her lectures, but each of her students was more sleepy and unresponsive than the next . however, as soon as feng wu opened her mouth, these students hung on to her every word with excited looks in their eyes . qiao yi couldn’t stand it!

“shut up!” qiao yi glared at feng wu . “that’s nonsense! these newbies are like blank sheets of paper; if they’re misled by your false theory —”

misled? feng wu smirked . everything she said, she learned from her beautiful master . she wouldn’t have shared it with anyone else to begin with, but since qiao yi had asked, she had replied .

these students should be honored to learn from the most capable man on the continent . it wouldn’t happen again .

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just then —

someone in the classroom shrieked . “argh —”

everyone turned their heads involuntarily .

it was wei jing, the girl who had tried to stop feng wu from taking mu yaoyao’s seat . right now, she looked stunned, and there was a look of disbelief in her eyes…

“what happened?!” rushing down from the dais, qiao yi stared at wei jing .

“miss, i… i heard what feng wu said, and…”

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before wei jing could finish, qiao yi’s eyes lit up, and she tried to drop the student a hint . “after hearing her answer, do you feel your energy clogging up and your spiritual energy running wild…”

“no, no, no —”

wei jing shook her head repeatedly . in the end, she gripped qiao yi’s hands tightly . “sorry, miss, but i have a feeling — i think i can make a breakthrough now!”

after that, wei jing pushed her chair away and sat down on the cold floor as she entered a state of meditation right away .

a breakthrough…

the other students looked at one another and found it unbelievable .

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“how did wei jing get her epiphany?”

“actually, i felt something after hearing feng wu’s answer, too . it felt like i was cultivating with my head in a fog before this, but now, that fog has lifted . ”

“i felt the same, too, but the feeling disappeared before i could grab hold of it . ”

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