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Chapter 1029: 1029
1029 Explain the Profound In Simple Terms 2 many gloated, waiting to see feng wu get humiliated . it was a question too profound for them to answer at the moment .

however, feng wu only darted an indifferent glance at qiao yi before she replied, “fusing the fire element involves absorbing fire essence with the help of spiritual essence… it consists of the initial and complete fusion of the fire element…”

feng wu answered in an unhurried tone . she talked for a while, and her answer was perfect .

she talked continuously for fifteen minutes as she explained what the fire element was, and how to achieve the initial, complete, and final fusion… she explained everything .

some of it wasn’t even in the textbook, but she was still able to answer everything clearly .

moreover —

her answer was straightforward and she was able to explain the profound in simple terms . qiao yi’s teaching was obscure in comparison, since she only lapped up information without digesting it . feng wu’s explanation was on a whole other level .

qiao yi didn’t expect feng wu to know the answer . she was baffled, and her face darkened .

looking around the classroom, she saw enlightened faces and astonished looks in the students’ eyes .

that feng wu!

qiao yi was convinced that she would be utterly humiliated if she let feng wu off now .

in fact, if qiao yi had reined in her temper and praised feng wu for her answer, she could have avoided everything that happened next .

but qiao yi was anything but forgiving .

at that thought, qiao yi continued to throw difficult questions at feng wu .

one after another —

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to qiao yi’s frustration, feng wu was able to answer every single one, and the answers were much better than she expected . the other students listened in amazement .

soon, someone mumbled, “no wonder she got full marks in the written exam . feng wu really is as amazing as they say . ”

“miss qiao yi wanted to give her a hard time, but i think miss qiao yi is only embarrassing herself . ”

“look at miss qiao yi’s face . she looks so frustrated . i bet she’s already cursing in her head . ”

“she didn’t have to do this . feng wu is only a student . miss qiao yi looks so petty, getting angry over something like this . ”

qiao yi heard every word of their discussion .

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gritting her teeth, qiao yi clenched her fists!

damn it!

she went on asking feng wu questions . at first, it was only from year 1 textbooks, but she gradually moved on to year 2 books . unfortunately for her, feng wu was able to answer all of them, too . she then questioned feng wu on theory from year 3 and year 4 books .


feng wu went on giving perfect answers, and was even able to draw inferences . she remained calm, showed no impatience, and caught every ball that was thrown her way .

qiao yi, on the other hand, grew more frustrated and exasperated as time went by .

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many students had been opposed to feng wu, but now, they were all shocked by feng wu’s profound knowledge!

what kind of a brain did she have? the things she knew… she was frighteningly smart!

in the end, qiao yi went beyond the textbooks and asked, “what can you tell us about fusing two elements together, such as ice and fire? do you know the fusion process?”

if qiao yi had listed other elements, feng wu might not have been able to give an answer . however, she had fused ice and fire together herself just the other day, and she knew exactly what the answer was .

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